CD Freaks review: DvdReMake Pro-easily edit DVD movies

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                                                                       We are pleased to present  to you a review of a product that  can give even us novices the ability to edit  a DVD...
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Just get DVDShrink and VobBlanker for free! This stuff is pricey and virtually worthless . . .

Nice Review DEE_27 but i have to agree with Siswell. Decrypter/Vobblanker/DVDShrink or DVD2one then burn with Decrypter…Awesome results everytime. Why would one need DvdReMake Pro.

I hate to sound lke a “me-too” with my two colleagues above, but other than being a nice tweking toy, other apps that just happen to be free, such as the abovementioned VobBlanker and DVDShrink, do the job perfectly in a fraction of the time. Even if DvdReMake Pro was freeware, I don’t see myself using it very much. On the upside, DEE’s review was lucid and very well written.
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well i must say that i find this program very useful dvd decrypter dvd rebuilder CinemaCraft Encoder ifoedit menuedit dvdremake these are the programs which i find very useful to backup my discs best encoding quality with menus with dvdremake i can take out every warning , advertisement scenes or even menus i don’t need

this tool might saves time to backup dvds with modded menu, but i don’t see how i can justify the price while there are other excellent tools. btw, it seems like the programmer is paranoid about being pirated…a poor soul :wink:

Guys, you clearly havent tried the software. It is WAY more powerful then most anything out there. Think an easy to use GUI for ifoedit. Basically it can allow beginers to do what only the pros could. Its THE software to have for editing your movies

I love but this review smells like that other review which touts the wonders of an at best mediocre product. I wish the guys at CDFreaks would be honest and tell us they are being paid to promote these things through bogus reviews.

Hi VioletHue- I must step in here and say something because of all the hard work that goes into these reviews. No-one on the review staff is paid anything, nor are any of the news writers or moderators. We are here because we enjoy the site and wish to give back in some way. Sometimes the reviewer can keep the hardware or software, but we always give an unpredjudiced look backed by tests and examination of manufacturers claims, you can see this if you inspect any of our articles. You may think this and apparently another article subject is nothing more than a “mediocre product” and that is your right. And that’s where you should have left it, and not added your insult at the end. We are entitled to our opinion as well, but at least we tried the software and tested it to the best of our ability. Take it or leave it, it’s fine with us! :slight_smile: But, to accuse us publicly of being “bought” is pure speculation and furthermore, it is a slap in the face to every volunteer that have given their precious free time to help provide content and mange this very large website for you and all the other CDFreaks members. You may “love” this site but you don’t “know it” or you would have never made that hateful comment. We would never betray our own membership, as it would surely be the demise of this site if we did. Plus, our own names mean much to us and we refuse to give up our reputation for a manufacturer or a developer for money. How long do you think the scores of volunteers would stick around here if they found out others were taking kickbacks for lies in the press? That’s right, not very damn long. Why not put your money where your mouth is and elaborate on what SPECIFICALLY makes this review “bogus” otherwise, we are at a loss as how you came to this conclusion. This is how to react in a communinty and make improvements, by making constructive comments or criticism. Did it ever occur to you that if there is a feature you find lacking in this product that a constructive comment might result in the author including it in a future release? Or are you more interested in making wild accusations?
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You mean as all programs are? He is just one guy and cant afford to take the losses so many software companies take. And there are constant attempts to pirate DVD Remake

smells like someone hasnt actually tried the software - its anything but mediocore