CD Freaks reaches 350.000 members!

I just posted the article CD Freaks reaches 350.000 members!.

We reached another milestone! Member 350.000 is a fact and we are of course very proud of this. CD Freaks has grown a long way, from only 1 member back in the 90’s, to over 350.000 now. The…

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Well done, up to the 500.000 PARTY PARTY :+ :+

yeah !!! :g :+ :X


Maybe you could add an option with a list where I can buy all products? Because some things are hard to get here!!!

Good idea Azrit.

Congrats… Ive been here since the introduction of the first 2x CD burner and seen it change into what it is today… Great resources and great people contribute to loads of information… There were many great sites dedicated to CD burning back then and this site weathered them all… Im glad Im part of the CDFreaks community…

May I ask why you write 350.000 instead of writing 350,000? The decimal point usually indicates the end of whole numbers in most mathematical applications… It’s like saying "wow we got three hundred and fifty point zero zero zero users on cdfreaks.

@cd pirate The “comma” i believe is only used in the imperial system. A “decimal point” i believe is used elsewhere.

so is it 350,000.00 ? :B ok, with 350000 members alone maybe its time to be in charge and develop our own open source drm-free storage format for high-def like its been done with software (XVID, Linux…) With our numbers we can even bribe Hollywood to adopt it :+

@cd pirate The “comma” i believe is only used in the imperial system. A “decimal point” i believe is used elsewhere.” LOL, still living in the late 19th early 20th century are you.

I think you guys are wrong. “In Australia, English Canada, Japan, Korea (both), Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States: 1,234,567.89” Correct me if I am wrong. But anyways, doesn’t really matter, I guess many countries are different and that’s all there is to it.