CD Freaks RC5 Stats for 9/16/01

I just posted the article CD Freaks RC5 Stats for 9/16/01.

Fish3669 here to post RC5 news and hopefully more if the big boys here at CD
Freaks let me
Btw, you still do not have the Cow or even know what all this stuff is about?
Read all about it…

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Btw, it is fun to post news and then have to reboot cause Internet Explorer decided it was the perfect time to crash Windows :r and then when I reboot to find out the post was all fubar…I guess in the future it would be best to post from Linux :slight_smile:

Why does the backwards link to the previous posting ALWAYS point to: ‘08 Sep Congress plans DMCA sequel: The SSSCA’ instead of to the previous posting?? I think the web designer has to look at this and fix it :slight_smile:

hey I got that problem too, and I thought I was the only one!

And all news posted befor ‘08 Sep Congress plans DMCA sequal: The SSSCA’ show fix ‘09 Sep Feurio update to v1.62.5b’ as the next news. Much to do for the admin. :slight_smile:

Another little note: the frame “Latest Posts @ Club CD Freaks Fora” on the upper screen shows always the same posts…

Yes, the ‘08 Sep Congress plans DMCA sequal’ bug is one we still haven’t able to find. The forum track is currently not showing new posts because the forum is on another server. Sorry for this, but at the moment we have to be a little creative to save bandwidth and resources. Also I want to congratulate Fish3669 with this posting, it almost got tears in my eyes of joy ! :wink: Great job Fish3669 !

Fixed the '‘08 Sep Congress plans DMCA sequal’ ‘’ bug :slight_smile:

Thanks MP3, that was a bit annoying (no big deal though)