CD Freaks RC5 Stats for 12/04/2001

I just posted the article CD Freaks RC5 Stats for 12/04/2001.

In today’s edition of CD Freaks RC5 stats: raising our overall rank, Top 10
changes, and more. As I last reported, we were chasing down
Team ark K’ - Japan
for the #146 spot overall. Two weeks…

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I wonder what kind of machines (or how many) the top-flushers use… I can only do about 300 blocks a day max with my poor AMD Athlon 700MHz :frowning:

Crackin’ blocks and not blockin’ cracks. Get out of my way bitches.

I have an OLD AMD K6-3 450MHz with 384MB PC100 RAM and do roughly 250 blocks a day :frowning: But, I built an Athlon 1GHz computer for my dad’s friend so I got his pc pushing blocks out and his does roughly 1000 a day. So at my peak between the two, I get a max of 1400 a day. God I cannot wait to upgrade to a nice shiny new ASUS nForce (HATE VIA WITH A PASSION) and Athlon XP :8 What machines are you top flushers running any ways?!