CD Freaks presents: The VSO ConvertXtoDVD 2 review

Review: ConvertXToDVD
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Reviewer: H3rB3i
Provided By: VSO Software
Review Date: February 2006

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The only problem I ran into was converting a large vob file. I had two DVD movies that I wanted to place on a single DVDRW for a friend. Dragging the VOB files directly from the disc worked fine, but I didn’t want multiple VOB files. So I used CloneDVDMobile, choosing the VOB passthrough option, to create one large VOB file of each movie. ConvertXtoDVD couldn’t load the new VOB file. I did discover a workaround, I renamed the file from .vob to .mpg. They then worked fine.

You should edit your review date H3rB3i :stuck_out_tongue:

uuups, thanks :o

I just bought convertxtodvd and i tried to burn a movie with an Imation DVD+RW. it gave me the following error message: “Write error at o (32) code 053006 [illegal request, cannot format medium, incompatable medium]. De-icing DVD+RW has failed.” Has anyone else experienced this problem. please help!

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Probably this problem has nothing to do with the software, but with the media. Try to use a different disc and see if this solve. I suggest you tu buy quality media like verbatim

hi and thanks for the reply. i actually just used a sony dvd+rw and it worked but it had a lot of glitches in the movie. is there any way to erase them so they turn out better or are they not very good quality. also the problem with the imation disc wouldn’t be because it needs formatted or something special done to it before it can be used.

Rewritable media are a bit unreliable. The best way to obtain good results is to use quality media. I’m not sure that imation discs are so good (never used), but you can see it trying to do a “full erase” before to burning.

Moreover, come standalones are really picky and give reading problems with rewritable media.

Can this software convert a folder of jpegs to play on a standalone DVD Player?

what in your opinion is quality media other than verbatim and how do i perform a full erase on my dvd+rw.

Maybe you should ask this in another thread. This is related to the VSO ConvertXtoDVD 2 review :wink:

Anyway, what burning software do you use?

i am using VSo convertxtodvd and also 1clicktodvd

Sorry, I don’t know these softwares. Try to find somewhere the command “Erase rewritable” in menus.

thanks for the help!

No it cant, but PhotoDVD can, see Here

lost most control of my fingers so pleaqe bear with me, it hurts like hell 2 type.

Per your Review I bought it. One of the best investments I’ve made (unlike that damn Sony dru-810a - suxed until I cross flased to benQ 1640)

Docmentation coudld use some clarification especially for burning more then one dvd on the same DVD but we aregetting there.
I’d (as im sure some of use do) wuld like 2 se a few additions Im sure VSO is gonna take care of that ASAP. for U non programmers its not an easy thing (to program good stuff) So it takes time ti find and correct mistakes or ad new items. Im not talking about hours It could take weeks or month or 2 to correct items and ad new stuff.
VSO Keep it up, I wanna get all your stuff. makes my life easier. DONT BE LIKE ACRONIS DO A GOOD PRODUCT THEN drift off (or stop listening to customers) Customers are your bread winners so keep em hapy if possible.

Now lets talk about a teleporter device (just kidding)…
Being a super qualified (but ill) hardware & sopftware engineer/Designer and own 2 Electronic repaie shops where I still have to help my techs… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND VSO’S ConvertXtoDVD…
Over all other products of similar type. And the cost, MAn U can’t get any cheaper, better buy it now while you can get it very reasonable.
\And if u or u know someone who saves movie (or cartoon) episodes this sucker can’t be beat. NOw i can watch 14 episodes of Futurama, Doing my Sienfeld next.
Damn this software is cool…

Sony DVD Burners are not good 65% failed, you should replace it with LG or something else and you will see the difference.


BUT IM CURRENTLY BURNING DL WITH A LITE-ON SHM-165H6S AND A SHW=160P65 AND I DID CROSSFLASH the Sony dru-810a toa benQ1640. sems2 work a lot bette with qsuite but i wish qsuites qsan were more accurate… a few other minor things - i burn usually DVD+R DL media

Why does ConvertXtoDVD consume 100% of the CPU cycles when it is doing absolutlely nothing. I simply double click the desktop icon to launch the program and every other program becomes unresponsive. Don’t get me wrong, I bought the software because it does a good job of converting but really is a terrible CPU hog both when it is in use (tolerable) and when it is idle (not acceptable).

i havent noticed that i better get busy and check…tons of stuff 2 burn with ConvertXtoDVD…