CD Freaks presents the Pioneer DVR-A08XLA 4x DL drive review

I just posted the article CD Freaks presents the Pioneer DVR-A08XLA 4x DL drive review.

 Drive  Reviewer Tor Magne, known as OC-Freak in our Forums, has just finished his look  at the new Pioneer offering for DVD burning, the DVR-A08XLA. What sets this  drive apart from the fray, is...
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I’ve had this drive for a while and my conclusion is that it’s very good. While I haven’t really used the cd burning side of it much (all cd’s I’ve done have worked fine), the dvd side of things is where this shines with great burning quality and high speed ripping. The only let down is that it doesn’t support bitsetting out of the box.

This burner is great i purchased it and put it in a usb 2.0 external enclosure so i could use it with my laptop and this baby works wonders got no complaints, great quality burner. :g