CD Freaks Presents: The Pioneer DVR-112 DVD Burner Review

CD Freaks Presents: The Pioneer DVR-112 Review

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Excellent! Everybody has been waiting for this. Thank you Dee! :clap:


Makes me wonder if shoud go for the Pio112 or the Samsung182.

Hi :slight_smile:
Excellent stuff. :clap: :iagree: :bow:
Glad no mention of Mt.Rainer. (as it’s obsolete anyway).
(Just drop the comment on single led as most are that way, if not all).

@vroom Samsung vs Pioneer = Pioneer always :iagree: :bigsmile:

Thanks for the review Dee and the well-earned “Editors Choice”. I’ve been burning happilly away with my 112D@ 112L for over a month now with no complaints.

Thanks for the nice review, Dee! :flower:

Would it be safe to assume that this is an UDMA 4 drive? Have you tried how it performs in an external enclosure?

Yes, I think this is a lost cause by now. Only the Plextor drives have two-colour LEDs by now, and they’re not developing their own DVD drives anymore.

Thank god! It looks just as good or better than the 111 :bow:
I took a huge gamble buying this a month ago on a new system build. I can put my worries to rest :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Dee. I’ve gone through 3 112D’s Nov 2006 builds and they were crappy DL burners. Might wait and try a different build date when they get some in the store here.

Very good & interesting review.

Thanks Dee.

Thanks everyone for the comments so far. :slight_smile:
Yep UDMA mode 4 drive.
I haven’t had a chance to play with the drive in an external enclosure yet, which reminds me. I need to get a new enclosure as the only one i have free has a broken PSU.

I hope you have more luck with your next one. :slight_smile:

the firmware is only a month old (end of Jan). this drive is going to be even better once we have mature firmware, a lot of wacky results in the scans thread. i was worried about the reading results with cd-speed, but the review reminded me of the specs of this drive/media and confirmed my results. only a few rare cases where it will be reading at 16x

Thanks Dee for the time and effort you put into this, I have had no problems with both of my 112’s, I am very satisfied with my choice of burners

Tempting burner, but any burner that won’t bitset DVD+R media gets a failing grade from me. I want the flexibility to burn both + and - media and too many modern DVD players intentionally will not play DVD+R media unless it’s bitset. (Alas, my otherwise excellent Panasonic DVD changer fits this category.)

You might have missed it, but the Buffalo firmware solves the bitsetting problem. I have used it on 3 111s and have been very satisfied.

then that players must be crappy. See, how long is the PLUS DVD format around? Should a “new” standalone DVD player nowadays not support DVD±R and DVD±RW from the start and for PLUS even without bitsetting?
I think it surely should.

And like [B]chas0039[/B] has pointed out, the BUFFALO firmwares also [B]AUTO[/B]bitset on DVD+R media.

PhotoJim: It also depends on what burning software you use also, The one I use will bitset for you even if the burner won’t. Also agree with Chef about the player :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

To be honest, how should that work?
Bitsetting is enabled or disabled with the firmware. With autobitsetting the firmware controls all that, regardless which software you use…

There is a 112 and a 112D. As far as I understand, the latter doesn’t burn DVD-RAM. Is there a different chipset or can I go for the (slightly) cheaper 112D if I don’t need this feature? How about the quality scans with this drive? Are they any good (or reliable)? Is there a difference in q-scan if the chipset is diffent?

Same drive, same hardware, slightly different firmware.

DVDFAB Platinum will let you do this if your burner doesn’t have auto bitsetting