CD Freaks presents: The Philips DVDR3480 Review

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heyyo Kidd…nice review. I didn’t know you were a reviewer. Good job!

Great first review Imkidd - thanks :clap:, and very helpful to me personally as when I have the £££’s I shall be purchasing one of these :flower:

Excellent review and [B]very[/B] thorough imkidd57!

Does anyone know if this drive is re-branded for sale in the USA?

Does anyone know when this will be available in the US? Thank you.

Unfortunately there appear to be no models for North America. As of today there are only four regional suffixes to the DVDR3480 model name on the Philips firmware directory; for which a bit of delving about tells us that:

/05 = UK, Ireland
/31 = Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, etc (i.e. Western EU)
/51 = Russian Federation, Ukraine, etc
/58 = Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc (i.e.Eastern EU)

[I][B]Update:[/B][/I] I just noticed that there seems to be a small bug to do with RGB pass-through.

If you power-cycle the unit at the wall, then on restarting the unit goes into standby but the signal pass-through drops to composite. After you pull it out of standby, then RGB starts and is preserved when subsequently going back into standby.

So just beware that you’ll always need to fully fire up the machine for RGB to be passed through correctly. Going into standby after that is fine, but you’ll lose it if you power-off.

I asked Philips about this and they gave me some rubbish about a firmware update solving the problem. The 03_08 update definitely doesn’t.

Nice review.:slight_smile:
I am shopping for a device now and trying to decide between
Philips DVDR3480
Philips DVP5990
Pioneer DV410
the latter two are only players but support HDMI.
Philips USB support seems superior to Pioneers, (according to a few forums)

Quote from your review:

The front USB port is playback only and not available as source for recording.

Wishing it could be a destination for recording!:wink:

I searched around, it seems some inexpensive players now feature recording to USB device (Audio CD converted to MP3 and recorded to USB device.) Video to USB device would be the next step I guess.
Anyway, I can’t wait so long for something that might not ever be produced.
Technology is certainly moving on though.:bigsmile:

Hi there,

I just installed that DVD player/recorder for my parents.
I have plugged my USB key to it (Flash Voyager 2Go), but there is no way to get it to work.
I have reformated the key in FAT32 just to make sure but still no luck.
I have tried a USB hard drive, 320Go formated in FAT32, and the DVD player crashed.
I have checked, and i have the latest firmware version.

So for now i have a bad experience with the USB capability of that DVD player…

Sorry to hear that you’re having problems with the USB port.

What kind of files are you trying to play, and does the recorder come up with a list of them on the USB flash drive?