CD Freaks presents: The Maxell Maxstix 1GB USB Flash Drive Review



CD Freaks are proud to present:
The Maxell Maxstix 1GB USB Flash Drive Review.

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Nice review Dee.

The only (personal) negatives i can find is the color (i dont think that pink is my favorite color) and the capacity, now days you need at least 2G if not bigger.


Great review, Dee :clap:

Personally, I love the colour of the stick :bigsmile:

In fact, they had them on sale when I was in Asda last week, for £8.99 though. I was sorely tempted, but for the capacity, as vroom mentioned.


Good review.
I have seen various memory sticks around for the same price.
But twice the size*.
Colour is always black though.
Which I prefer anyway.


Great review Dee-27, I have many of these USB Flash drives from 2gbs to 8Gbs. The ones they sell around here are mostly Corsair and Pny but I would love to try a Maxell, but I have not seen them available.


I don’t really mind the storage capacity. I have larger flash drives but, this is the one i seem to carry around with me. I guess because it looks so cute.
I’ve only used about 120MB of its capacity so far anyway. It’s ideal for bringing home documents as i can encrypt them. I have a good few pictures on it, a few software tools and a BIOS recovery file.