CD Freaks presents: The Lite-On SOHW-1653S DVD-Writer

I just posted the article CD Freaks presents: The Lite-On SOHW-1653S DVD-Writer.

 Well here  we go with another review! This time the hardware comes from Lite-On and we have  a lot of members out there that really like this company. Lately, there has been  a lot of...
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Why is a drive like this even impressive anymore? It doesn’t even have the highest specs?

The serial number is not covered up in the photo in the review. Is that OK?

Why should it be a problem? The drive is a review sample provided by Lite-On - so there is no warranty support on the drive anyway.

Given the results no one would want it anyway ROFL

As a cdr it sucks,as a dvd it’s slow (to achieve best results),but fair,not A class we used to,but it gets the job done. I was suprised badly with this “performaces” but it’s ok. THe review is fair,but i did see c2 on every verbatim datalifeplus it wrote,and it was mcc,not ty,and i’ve seen 0.022 c1 and no c2,so go figure…