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Thanks for the review! I purchased the almost identical 1107HC1 at Best Buy a couple of weeks back. I’m not happy about the lack of S-video connectors, but it’s performing the basics quite well so far. A Panasonic ES-20 that I had purchased initially was plagued with semi-transparent interference bars and an identical replacement suffered from the same issue, so I returned it. A Toshiba D-R4 that was subsequently purchased was so fussy about blank media that I gave up on it within 24 hours.

The Lite-On unit isn’t as attractive as the other two and it doesn’t have as many features–but, so far, it is working properly, unlike its bigger name counterparts.

I got a 1105GHC+ last November, and it would freeze up on me at the end of playing a DVD…

Liteon’s Latest Firmware upgrade FINALLY seems to have fixed that!
(Now I wish They’d stop lowering and raising the volume each time I hit commercial skip… it slows it down substantially)

is anyone getting audio sync problems when recording with this?

I’m getting synch issues on recordings and what’s worse is I can’t load the latest firmware (I’m hoping this will solve the problem!) Please see the post I was going to write before I found this thread!


I’m having a lot of problems downloading some firmware for a standalone DVD recorder. I have tried to Burn the image on several PC’s however none of them can mount the image! If possible could someone please try and mount the image? You don’t need to burn it so I’m not asking anyone to waste a disk.

The link to the software is below, the actual recorder been ‘LVW-1105HC+’ and the file ‘LNMRE019.DAA’

Thanks for looking!

PS I’ve tried to mount the image with PowerISO (.DAA Files?) and Roxi…

The LVW-1105HC+ is quite picky about the firmware version in that the first five letters of the firmware you download needs to match the same first five letters of the firmware already present on your DVD recorder. For example, I’ve encountered someone who had to load German firmware as it was the only firmware which matched that already on the system apart from the version number.

Note that when you write firmware to CD-R, it needs to be recorded as a file (not as an image). This can be done using Windows’ own CD burning wizard by right-clicking on the file, selecting “Send To” and select your CD/DVD writer. Then clicking the balloon that appears and in the Window showing the list of files to be written, click on “Write these files to CD” in the left column and follow the on-screen steps.

Before you try writing the firmware to CD, could you make sure that the first five letters of it matches the first five letters of the firmware printed on the info label on the DVD recorder itself as pointed out below. If you have difficulty getting the correct firmware, could you reply with the firmware your recorder currently has (indicated in the red circle below) and I can try locating the correct firmware for your recorder. :wink:

thank you very much!
It’s the burn as a file part I didn’t know! Just one thing I assume I can use any burning software (I’ve got Roxi) the only other question I have is does it matter what I name the disc and does it have to be a CD-R?


You can use pretty much any CD burning software, including Roxio, Nero, etc. However just be sure you write the file to CD as a data CD, the as you would transferring documents, images, etc. to CD-R or CD-RW.

The disc type can be either CD-R or CD-RW. Generally I always use CD-RW, since it saves wasting a disc after the firmware upgrade process has complete. However, make sure that the disc is free of scratches and that you enable verification while writing the disc. This will ensure that the DVD recorder does not have any issues reading the written disc while carrying out the firmware update.

let me know if you sort it with a firmware update.

have you noticed at all if its confined to a certain setting (ie LP SP etc) or is it on all?

anyone else getting this? (i tried using the search but couldnt get it to work in either FF or IE)

thanks for the help with burning the firmware!

Not sure if it is all the settings, but I’ve noticed it on the 2 hour setting, the firmware has not sorted it out! I’m taking it back and replacing. Have you got problems with jerky DIVX playback?

i do, but its down to the divx file having a packed bitstream.
divx files that dont have a packed bitstream run ok

i use MPEG4Modifier to unpack the bitstream and resave. then all is fine

Thanks for the info, I only ask as a friend of mine has the Yakumo ( and that seems to handle DIVX files much better, not noticed anything ‘jerky’ regardless of codec etc.

I’ll let you know if
a) Micro Direct swap the Lite-on (no original packaging)
b) if the new one works!

Thanks again!

hi there b to the forum, was wondering if anyone could tall me if this could be stood on its side with the tray facing left or right so it could be mounted behind an lcd tv.


Got a new one and still the same problem, it doesn’t happen on the 1 hour or 4 hour mode…just the 2 hour, which is probably the one I’d mainly use…not sure if to swap for another one (a new batch) or get my money back…has anyone else had a synch problem?

(the unit is not at my house so I can’t try it on its side)

I have Liteon 1105hc+
When I recording only canal Discovery on Cyfra+ dvd stopped record and write Protected content :a

Help mi !!!
My firmware LNMRG019.DAA

Why 1105hc+ does not record all ???

FWIW: I had an 1105HC (no plus) and I noticed a few audio sync problems. By that I mean a fraction of a second. Some people didn’t even notice it. Anyway, if that is what you are talking about, I only saw that on a few -Rs and never on a +R but not enough samples to prove its limited just to -R. I only record in SP.

OKAY, I tried to update the firmware on my Lite-On model #LVW-1101(firmware #LNMBU015, alas, the update failed after the menu. I burned the file onto the disc as a ISO file. Whats up?! Any ideas, anyone? anyone?

The firmware update file needs to be written to a CD-R or CD-RW as a data CD, in the same way as you would go about putting word documents on CD. To avoid losing CD-R’s, I would recommending using a CD-RW to carry this out, since you’ll not lose any discs if the DVD recorder does not recognise the file or once the update process has complete. If the DVD recorder reports this disc as a data disc instead of asking if you wish to update, then the firmware is unsuitable.


I don´t understand the following text in this review about the Lite-On LVW-1105HC:


Excellent DVD+R, DVD-R and DVD-RW recording quality.


Disappointing recorded picture quality with both HQ and SP modes.

What do these words mean:

recording quality

and what does these words means:

recorded picture quality

or is the meaning of them the same?

If both words have the same meaning, then there ist the decent recording quality.

In the review stand this:

Decent recording quality in its long play modes.

Allthough, isn´t that Long Play Modus is always not so good as short play or HQ modus?

Why is the record quality from the long play modus in this Lite-On LVW-1105HC even better then the record quality in the HQ or SP modus?

Friendly Greetings from

Moe Perry

That is a “little” confusing. I guess the picture quality is NOT as good as the 5045 at the higher quality settings but is good at the lower quality settings. I always record at SLP so that works for me.

I asked Liteon Tech when they will have a standalone that records in DivX or mpeg-4 and they said this unit should because it “supports” the format. I said, and still think it only plays such formats. Are there “any” stand alones that encode in mpeg-4? I know plextor has a usb capture box for the computer that does this but the quality of the picture is not as good as my Liteon until equal data rates are used ((RATS!!!)).