CD Freaks presents the LG GSA-H62LI Super Multi DVD-Writer Mini Review

I just posted the article CD Freaks presents the LG GSA-H62LI Super Multi DVD-Writer Mini Review.

Our Reviewer The Kipper published today the LG GSA-H62LI Super Multi DVD-Writer Mini Review.LG’s new Super-Multi GSA-H62LI internal optical disc drive with LightScribe gives you the added…

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Almost all manufacturers sell drives that support DVD-Ram but the media continues to fail to show at the shops…5x media is rare and 12x was r seen in Europe (and the americas too, I guess)!!! :frowning: :frowning:

just like 8x +RW…

LG sucks. Some of the lowest quality in my opinion. Had multiple drives fail after a few months…with little use. The insides of these drives are a joke… too many non-quality parts. The laser assemlies die after a few months of normal use. (Not a coinsidence) Anyone can mock me or tell me I’m an idiot, I don’t care, these drives are rip-offs… for the same amount of money I can get a used Plextor or Yamaha and get a WAY longer lifespan out of these…speed isn’t everything.
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LG is not that bad, but some series have many lemons. But my experience with Liteon is much more worse And Yamaha don´t have DVD-writers :+

…true. I forgot they don’t have DVD-burners,just rying to give examples I guess :slight_smile: