CD Freaks presents: The CloneDVD mobile preview

Womble has just finished the preview, those who are interested can find the entire preview here

Any comments and questions are welcome!

Nice run through (my first post here actually). I think there’s alot of “ghosting” in the films cloneDVD mobile encode for the PSP. I was hoping to use the generic DivX with subtitles but Sony PSP media manager cannot find the file. A nice feat. to implement would be a film icon. Though you can make your own. Otherwise it surely is much better than other programs because you can make films for lots of gadgets.

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Hi all,
I just started using CloneDVD mobile as I wanted to convert my DVDs to DivX format (the DivX converter didn’t want to work right for me). Anyway, I have run into two movies, Batman Begins Widescreen and Constantine Widescreen that it throws an error message on. I’ve submitted all the details to, so I’m waiting to hear back on what the problem is. (I’m running AnyDVD and used that to rip the disks to hard drive first.)

Well, this is my first experience at converting to DivX so, I thought I would post about the only problem I’m having with cloneDVD mobile. All of my other movies that I have converted as of yet have worked beautifully. (only wish I could keep the menus)

Good Luck!

Heard back from the folks at SlySoft… If I use CloneDVDmobile to convert directly from the DVD to the DivX file on the hard drive - all works fine!

I can still play the .vob (raw) files with other players if I use AnyDVD to rip the disk to my HDD.

Well, since I hadn’t seen a post in response to my question here, but got my answer, I thought I’d post it in case someone else runs into the same issue…

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Just purchased clonedvd mobile. I have read all I could find on this software
and apparently no one else has had this problem. When converting to divx
in 720x480 the finished movie plays upside down. The other modes work ok.
My wife said simple. Turn the monitor upside down. Hello :doh:

[B]My main problem is that all of my movies, no matter what format I try to convert at, has the audio out of sync by like a 1/10 of a second, which drives crazy! Also, the smartphone conversion, which I tried to use on my Audiovox SMT-5600 Smartphone, has the correct properties of resolution at 220X176, but my phone doesn’t recognize it as an AVI file like the program says it’s converting to. Therefore, it gives me an error message on my phone saying that it can’t play that type of file. “Unsupported File Format”. I’m thinking that it might really be a DIVX file. Which kind of makes the smartphone feature worthless. I’m glad I have the evaluation version. It looks like Slysoft has a lot of bugs to work out on this program.[/B]