CD Freaks presents the BenQ DW1625 Lightscribe DVD-Writer

I just posted the article CD Freaks presents the BenQ DW1625 Lightscribe DVD-Writer.

 It has been just over two months now since we  presented our last BenQ review, the DW 1640.   Now we take a look at the BenQ DW 1625, which is LightScribe  capable for...
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Disappointing :r Benq´s “newest” and expensive model has weak specs like 8x DVD-R, quality is also not very good

Piece of junk :r Very good thorough review but whats the point to test obsolete rubbish ? Oh, guess cos’ some are not confident with a Sharpie Cheers P.S. wait for DW 1640 !

sharpie sucks. i like my stuff tidy and good looking (can’t judge LS yet)

rubbish very old drive men. what go into u and you made this presentation:c everybody has the dw1640, and u give us 1625. hell noooooooo:d