CD Freaks presents the 1Click DVD Copy Pro review

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 Today we 

have an interesting tool to show you, known as 1Click DVD Copy Pro. With this program from LG software and a little CSS removal magic from DVD43, we can back up a movie to…

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Why would anyone buy this when DVD Shrink is just as good does the same things and is more importantly free???

Agreed Siswell. It doesn’t even remove DVD encryption so you’ll need an extra application and it’s not quite cheap…

  1. Because DVD Shrink isn’t be developed anymore, and there are lots of new tricks they use to keep you from copying the movie. and 2) you don’t need to BUY the extra application to remove DVD encryption, just get DVD43FREE

Electrox3d you’re right DVDShrink isn’t developed anymore… but it’s still gives you a very good result for a DVD9–>DVD5 re-encode and it’s for free :wink: