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looks and sounds very good but at $99 usd it’s just to expensive especially when there are other very good alternatives around like clonedvd2.

Also it still uses a transcoder for that price an encoder should have been used to justify the price IMO.

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. I’d recommend trying the software before you comment on how good the alternatives are - it’s the best way to find out about a software.

As for using a transcoder versus an encoder, there are some disadvantages to using an encoder when copying a DVD movie.

First of all, a good MPEG2 encoder is much slower than a transcoder and in most cases, the results will not be better than transcoding.

If an encoder is used, it must decode the original MPEG2 into raw video, which introduces losses. A transcoder does not decode the original MPEG2 into raw video.

A transcoder does not recompute the motion vectors which in most cases are carefully calcualted by the original encoder which authored the DVD. Unless a multi-pass encoder is used, there is no guarantee that the new encoded video will be superior to transcoded video.

So, although an encoder could be used to further compress an already compressed MPEG2 video stream, the obvious advantages of using a trascoder make it the preferred choice for a fast, high quality DVD copy software.


I have tested out 1click dvd copy pro and it is no better than Dvdshrink (which is free,) clonedvd2 (which is cheaper,) or Nero recode 2 IMO.

I have Dvdshrink, clonedvd2 Nero recode 2 and the trial version of 1click dvd copy pro installed on my pc.

I can’t see how $99 is justified for this programme when there are other cheaper alternatives with better options and the same if not better quality results.

Once again that is just IMHO.

I had OneClick DVD Copy 4.2 and AnyDVD installed so it cost me $39.00 to buy using the registration code of 4.2. It looks like it has the best aspects of DVD95Copy and CloneDVD2. On CloneDVD2, you can review each title and choose to eliminate a title before you make a copy but you can’t regulate the compression on each title. On DVD95 the extras are compressed automaticaly (can change) to 30% and the main film is then compressed to fit the remainder of a DVD5. But there is no viewing screen. So you guess what is in each title. On OneClick DVD Copy Pro you can view each title and can compress (within limits) or eliminate any title.

I prefer to eliminate all “Coming Atractions” and keep the extas about the making of the film. However I will compress these extras quite a bit and use the automatic setting on the main film. I havn’t had time to actually try it out yet but I have had the initial OneClick for about a year and a half and I liked the quality, ease and quickness of its copying.

I have tried the 1clickDVD pro and liked it. Why? The results are excellent. The options plain and easy to use. CloneDvd2 has 3 settings. Movie only, whole movie and then using files and images. 1click’s option of ‘movie AND extras’ gives you more than Clone can and give the same, if not better, results. It all depends on cost, speed and results. You have got to understand that as DVDshrink and DVDdecryptor are both getting out of date, no new updates will come and the newer Sony encryption has them both defeated. As one can still use AnyDvd with them to solve that problem, now, for how much longer they can survive is anyone’s guess. We can enjoy them a while longer until things change and they will not work any longer.

I use CloneDvd2 most often myself. But I have had 1click to copy some bad dvds nothing else would.

well if you dont have the money i must agee that 59.00 for dvd2 and anydvd will do just about anything you need however for damaged dvds i put my money on iclickdvd copy and 1click and 1clickdvdcopypro the latest release solved all the bugs i had with the last version of pro im very happy with the products and the features and i would gladly spend the 100.00 bucks again if you buy 1clickdvdcopy you get pro for 40.00its to me agreat deal dont pass it up

On that note I’m happy to announce that 1CLICK DVD COPY PRO is now selling for $79, a $20 savings over the previous $99 price.


I have both 1click and Pro; purchased 1click in Sept 2003 and am part of the beta testing group for Pro. I have made the very clean, quick, backups (close to 600) with little or no trouble. Pro, even in the beta phase was pretty amazing. No backup program developer is quicker with updates than Gregory; I have seen him put out an update which works fine but not to his satisfaction and within 1 hour update it again.

I highly recommend that if you have not tried Pro, you should and do not miss out on the current promotion.

Hello to all, pls don’t flame for possibly asking ‘stupid questions’… :wink:
I am considering to change my burning software (Nero) into 1Click DVD Copy.
Nero has presented me with some weird ‘error’-popups (“DVD-video files reallocation failed…” and later “A non critical error …” which may result in a defective write).
Have used op the 3 trials, which is indeed very moderate, but donot know if 1Click can write ISO files and other image files, similar to Nero.
(Cannot find anything on this on the 1Click site).

Another questions which maybe I should not be asking this here: what are the differences between Nero and 1Click DVD Copy.

Have spent a lot of time on checking out the many websites on “Reviews burning software”, but one way or the other Nero does not show up too often.

thank you

I am affraid you are wrong clonedvd2 is not better than 1Click dvd copy pro, I dont know what tests you performed but thay are seriously flawed. :stuck_out_tongue:

You did get one thing right and that is Shrink and recode2 produce better picture quality than 1click pro :iagree:

I have been using 1click and I like it because it is very simple to use and such. I am concerned however that many seem to believe that better picture quality is attained with other programs such as DVDshrink and Rebuilder2. I am just a novice but if there are other programs which will give me better picture quality I’d like to be using them. Any thoughts and/or opinions on this? :confused:

mrwul, There are no stupid questions, if you don’t know you don’y know its as simple as that. Nero will do an exact copy which is OK if you want to pay for dual layer discs, 1-Click will take a dual layer disc and compress it to a single layer disc.

If you want the best picture quality then DVD-Rebuilder pro with Procoder2$500, CCE$60, and HC18(free) is the way to go. (In that order)

But if you want to stick with transcoders Recode2, and 1click dvd copy pro are the best to use IMO. (or dvdshrink free)

I own and use CloneDVD2, Nero Recode, OneClickDVDCopyPro, and DVD-Rebuilder Pro w/HC18. I prefer CloneDVD2 for quick and easy backups of average length movies for its speed, OneClick for hard to copy or larger movies and when I want the highest quality or movie is extra long (ie King Kong) DVD-Rebuilder Pro. Also, for one to one copies (DL) I like CloneDVD as it keeps the layer break intact.

You indicated $500 dollars for Rebuilder pro with Procoder2. This doesn’t seem right. Where can I go to download these applications or at least verify the price?

For Rebuilder pro all you need to do is make a donation to the developer of rebuilder, cant remember how much between $10 - $30?

Procoder2 will cost you $500
CCE will cost you $60
HC18 which is a very good encoder is free. Comes very close to the quality of CCE.

I only use clonedvd2 when the quality bar is 100% so no transcoder will be used.
I always do movie only as I do not care about extras and menus.

For movies with compression of 99-85% I use Recode2 everything else gets the Rebuilder treatment with either Procoder 2 or CCE.

You have been very helpful No.1 but I have one more question yet. Do you use rebuilder in conjuction with procoder and CCE to rip or is just one of these programs necessary?

This is what I do

  1. start Anydvd
  2. rip the movie to my HD with dvd decrypter
  3. start Rebuilder and choose what Encoder I want to use. I have selected output to iso image file.
  4. burn with imgburn

When you purchase CCE install it then in rebuilder settings you have to select the path where you have installed CCE.

Here is a guide for you it is a bit outdated but should still be of great use to you.


EDIT: You do not need to buy CCE or Procoder 2, like I said HC18 which comes with rebuilder is a great encoder to start of with.