CD Freaks presents: Sony DRU-840A Burner review

CD Freaks presents: The Sony DRU-840A 20X Multi-Burner Review

The full review can be viewed here

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*“Positive: …boosts read and write speed to 58X on CDR media”

I just opened it and noticed. :bigsmile:

*Another thing:
Features page–
“Summary The Sony DRU-840A performed well with our writing tests. We regret that we do not have some of the high speed rated media to test with at this time; when the media is available to us we will post scans of further burning tests in the appropriate threat here at CDFreaks.……”

*The graph that should be for TYG03 on the DVD-R page is YUDEN000 T03.

I really like this review, Kip, although some of the results surprised me a good bit. Brilliant job. :clap:

Nice catch wallace

Please post any more that you find; I do appreciate a third eye on this. Thanks

Also on the features page: You refer to the drive once as the DRU-840X, and once as the DRU-840U; the rest of the time as the 840A. Both are only minor. The former is the only one that matters, as Sony does have the DRU-840U.

All else appears to be good. :iagree: Glad to help. :slight_smile:

Anyone wondering why the Results and Discussion thread for individual members’ test can’t be found in the LiteOn/Sony forum can find the thread here:
[The drive is based on a Samsung, and I thus started the thread there]. The thread offers a few pictures and a little more info that the uber-enthusiast might find interesting.

Great review Kipper, thankyou, these reviews make picking out a drive much easier. Great job.:clap:

Alan meaning this drive is a good buy or bad buy?

Thanks Alan and wallace

Thanks and good job :clap:

You are welcome; I think Alan is going to pick up this drive and do some of his own testing before he gives his opinions.

Great job on the review Kip!

Lets hope a future firmware can help out the DVD quality a bit.

That aside Sony does make a slick looking drive.


since this drive is a Samsung rebadge, this thread belongs into the Samsung forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice review btw :clap:


Hi :slight_smile:
Very well presented Kipper. :iagree: :bigsmile: :clap:
It is surprising given the chips pedigree that it doesn’t do better with some media though.
As for f/w updates this might not be that forthcoming.
As with the Samsung SH-S202 which shows a lagging of performance when compared to the SH-S203.
I can’t help wonder if this is in part due to some apparent preference given to SATA in the build.
Although f/w updates should go some way to address this.
Are the interests/resources focused in that way?
Certainly for me.
My experiences have led me to believe that if buying a new drive & have SATA as an option (even with the use of PCI card). Then that’s where the smart money is going to go.

Agreed. And it would be great if the maker of the drive was identified in the review itself. On a related note, we used to see reviews with images of the inside of the drive, identification of the chipset, etc. It would be great to see this again.

Thanks Michael

I am sure Zevi will see your suggestion on moving to the Samsung forum and will provide his input or move the review.

Thanks Zeb

It will be interesting to see how future firmware changes will effect quality.

is the Sony DRU-840A reliable when it comes to PIPO scanning?

For DVD scanning, they [Samsungs, off of which this drive is based] can be fairly reliable, although they don’t have the reputation that BenQ, LiteOn, and Plextor drives have for scanning. They have been consistent enough for me that I’d say this drive is.

CD scanning? That’s best left up to Plextors, BenQs, or LiteOn CD-RW drives. The MediaTek based Samsungs [such as this drive] act much like LiteOn DVD RWs when it comes to CD scanning–only showing some of the errors, and not all.

Again, I have some very crude pictures of the chipset and inside of the drive, as well as a little more info on it, in the Results and Discussion thread. I personally believe leaving some of the more advanced info and pictures out of the reviews is okay, as some people looking for a general review found it to be extraneous info. :iagree:

This drive seems to have a few quality issues @ high speeds. May be in need of FW updating or cross flashing (when possible) hehe.

That sounds like a good idea…if I wasn’t so lazy about getting the SH-S202J firmware [that Samsung finally released an update for], I would try it out and see. :iagree: I’m hoping that Sony re-labeles the SB01 firmware and ships it out soon.

Thanks as always Kipper! :slight_smile: