CD Freaks presents: SONY DRU-810A DVD burner review

I just posted the article CD Freaks presents: SONY DRU-810A DVD burner review. is extremely proud to present the SONY DRU-810A DVD Burner
Review. This review was conducted and published by the newest member of the
CDFreaks USA Review division, zevia. This…

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Remember install"Rootkit" First. Oh wait! that has already been taken care for you by Sony. :wink:

I urge one and all to boycott all Sony products and music for the foreseeable future. The company has a LONG history of questionable practices in proprietary hardware, overpricing, draconian copy protection and now privacy invasion. Sony needs to be told where to get off. Only consumers can do this. Remember this the next time you see the Sony name brand.
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Nice writer :slight_smile: But why should anyone buy a Sony when you get the original Benq for less money :+ ?

Lets be naive and believe there are no rootkits envolved, Sony continues with no DVD-RAM support as a considerable number of manufacturers are coming to the mkt with RAM supportive drives. So even being fast and with HD devices just around the corner, this drive is just fast…

I’m not off-topic (this IS a Sony product) and this isn’t SPAM (it’s a public awareness comment on Sony products and policies - caveat emptor). No shills for Sony allowed.
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ROJ No one is saying you were spamming it was a poster Who Spammed something so a “Moderator” or “Editor” just cleared his message and left the “No Spam” Warning.So your Ok! :slight_smile:
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Comes with a free filter driver and rootkit on disc. Can play DVD-A, DVD movies, CD Audio protected disc’s and protected games.

Thanks - I didn’t get to read his original post because by the time I got there it had already been edited. What was written was quite suggestive so I replied to it. Cool runnins’… :slight_smile: