CD Freaks presents second review: LiteON 24/10/40

I just posted the article CD Freaks presents second review: LiteON 24/10/40.

We have finished up our second review. This time it’s the LiteON 24/10/40. LiteON has expanded very quickly the last year and is now already the number two CDRW-manufacturor. We have tested this…

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Now that is True added vallue to CD Freaks! Hopefully you will be able to produce more of these extensive and thourough reviews!

The SD2 results are way off from what myself and many others are getting. I can read a SD2 disc with the Liteon 24102b in an average of 5-10 minutes. I have NEVER had a a SD2 disc take 50 mins with the Liteon. Is it possible that he didn’t configure clonecd properly as his result makes no sense. As for the rest of the review I thought it was very detailed and well written, nice work man :slight_smile:

Great revieuw as usual :4 Its not my type of burner as i prever plextor myself but its interesting to read what the lite`on can do…

No, the Factory Liteon takes about 50-90 mins to make an Image file of a SD2 game, and that goes for almost all the liteon products, the good news it, if you upgrade to even the first firmware upgrades you get a Improved reading fix and now you are looking at 5-10mins for an image. that is using CloneCD with Fast Error skip and error fixes set to NONE.

All drives since late September have shipped with s07 and above, they take no more than 10 mins to do a full SD2 disc. granted that the pre-s07 firmwares are weren’t great. How about a quick update for the review? Surely SD2 in less than 10 minutes deserves another 2% at least :smiley:

I’d say for most people it’s a no brainer, since you can buy 2 Lite On CDRWs for the price of one Plexie.

anyone know how to update DirectCD 5.0 to ver 5.02 if EasyCD Creator is not installed? Real bummer.