CD Freaks presents preview of BenQ DW1600A - 16x DVD+R recorder

I just posted the article CD Freaks presents preview of BenQ DW1600A - 16x DVD+R recorder.

16 speed DVD+R
recording is a dream for many. Writing at this speed takes about 6 minutes to
fill an entire DVD recordable and we had the opportunity to test it out, before
anyone else. The…

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I’d skip any drive that doesn’t support DVD-R/RW. The days of only providing for one format is more than 2 years old now. At least BenQ have other models coming out which makes me wonder why it’s necessary to release this limited version.

I think they’ll be a free firmware update available at the end of summer that’ll deliver DVD-R/RW support…but I agree in principal, it’s one oddball product as it stands!

Just good sales technique Splash 16x on the front of the box and people will buy it in droves.

Man hope the media doesn’t explode :slight_smile: