CD Freaks presents Plextor Premium review

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We have wrapped up a new review for our
visitors. This time we’ve taken a look at Plextor’s latest writer, the
PlexWriter Premium. This drive, a 52x/32x/52x drive, supports some exiting new…

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My Plextor Premium does not read my Cactus 100 V3 disc (the same disc which fails on the LiteOn 52x as well)

So what’s your point, now the drive is useless? There is always something to complain, and this time you seemd to have found it, congrats… Great review guys, keep up the good work!
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RexHunt, as Alexnoe is also a CDF Reviewer and Mod, his reaction was meant to add to the review, not to claim that the drive is useless Thanx for your kind words anyways, we’ll keep up the good work :wink:

@Rexhunt: I hope that one day there will be a cure for the Plextor-menia desease :frowning: (This desease decribes the phenomenon that some people claim Plextor drives to be made by god himself, denying that there is any error or problem with them, even if it is obviously present)
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Great review :slight_smile: But can someone tell me what Audio-CD-company still use CDS100? I think it´s absolutly no important to have a drive that can read it

This crappy protection appearently is only used in Germany, maybe also in the Netherlands. It’s compatibility to normal CD-DA players is poor as well, so I doubt that it will be used more one day. However, a perfect drive has to read it…
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Oh man, i hope someday there will be a cure for your LiteOn-menia, alexnoe :+ don´t you like it, that Plextor has again the best writer you can buy :B

Then tell me why you think it´s important? :d

i’m not saying Plextor is the best. i’m just saying you are a nitpicker. This drive can do a lot of positive things. You just find one little thing to nag about

hehehe :B

I think Plextor is the best for one simple reason… I sent them an email on a saturday night, near midnight, and received a reply WITH an answer in 6 minutes from a REAL PERSON. You can have my Plextor Premium when you pry it from my cold dead hands. :d

Geezus people, alexnoe is trying to help. And as Hemispasm said ‘his reaction was meant to add to the review’. Isnt it a bit hypocritical to call someone a nitpicker when you are doing exactly the same thing? Regardless, nice review. And in the face of it all, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

@Scour: LiteON-mania does not exist (unless you point me to a posting where someone claims that LiteOn drives are perfect, and where someone denies an obvious error). => you see, Plextor-mania again :smiley: >> Then tell me why you think it´s important? EMI does not care about compatibility (otherwise, they would sell CD-DAs instead of Cactus 200 discs, such as this one: , which is obviously of lower quality than the worst CD-R on earth), so I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell start selling Cactus 100 discs one day Again, for those who are reading too fast, due to plextor-mania: I’m not saying that the drive is bad. But I say that it is not perfect, and that Plextor still has possibilities to improve the drive with some firmware updates
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Nice review. But what about Safedisc 2.9? Could somebody please give us an idea about whether it will work or not? :S Thanks…

absoluty wrong, alexnoe :frowning: LiteOn-users are the biggest fanatics i´ve ever seen. at the german CCD-user-forum are fanatics, who erased threads with bad Lite-experiences. almost all LiteOn-users(like you, i read your thread at call anyone who says a Plextor is great a fanatic. But you are the one, who insult all users who have a different opinion than you, a fanatic

>> LiteOn-users are the biggest fanatics >> i´ve ever seen. at the german >> CCD-user-forum are fanatics, who >> erased threads with bad >> Lite-experiences. I’ve never visited that forum! So I now know which forum I’ll avoid like hell. So I’ve been wrong in one point: Lite-On mania does exist and is an mental illness as bad as Plextor-menia. However, you can be sure i’ll never visit or even participate on a forum where lite-on mania exists in the way you’ve described it on ccd-forums >> call anyone who says a Plextor is great >> a fanatic. Please read a thread on which you comment before posting! I call anyone a fanatic who denies obvious flaws in the drives! Not more, not less! Again: Read, read, read until you understand what I write! In that particular brennmeister thread, there are such trolls. As you are one: Plextor can’t read Cactus 100 V3 -> It is not important for a drive to read it. This is fanatism. Again for you: I say: LiteOn can’t read Cactus 100 V3 => :frowning: Plextor can’t read Cactus 100 V3 => :frowning: You say: Plextor can’t read Cactus 100 V3 => this protection is per defition unimportant and it is not necessary that it can be read. Plextor-mania!
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Jeez… why not throw in ± discussion too? All I know is that since I got into computers [since I was 12 on a Timex Sinclair] there are two things I’ve always remembered… Plextor has ALWAYS had this elite-ist image, and never click on attachments. [ :slight_smile: ] At what point is too fast? I’ve got 3 firewire drives and can only push so much data [8MB Cache fills up fast] so I think companies releasing 52x drives are just saturating the market instead of forging ahead. What we need is a drive that can fill a CDRW with one flash…

Regarding SafeDisc 2.9 Some folks over at forums suspect a bug in the early revs of the mediatek chipset is screwing up Safedisc 2.9. Later versions are okay: Interesting… Dunno that chipset Plextor are using though… PS: Why to hell cant I log in to the forums? :frowning:

There have been some problems with the forum recently, dont know if there were any this afternoon though. I can now log in just fine :slight_smile: