CD Freaks presents: Plextor PlexEraser PX-0E100E Review

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   CD  Freaks is proud to present a review of one of Plextor's latest  optical units - the PlexEraser PX-0E100E.  As the name suggests, this  device is the optical disc equivalent to a disk...
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I have one of them disc destroyers, its called a pair of quid shop pliers.

How can they claim it works in an “environmentally…way” when you’re going to just throw away the disc anyway? What’s the difference? Can “organic dye” be so bad? It’s organic!

hmm…you can always use separate shredder to destroy disks & recyle whatever remains…simple & inexpensive & fun speaking of organic material…they can be harmful…i am not saying organic dye that’s used in cdr/dvdr are harmful…i don’t know…but i can name at least serveral that are harmful


Just what the world needs: another Plextor paperweight.

An eraser? Does it somehow reflect their success making Writers? Strategic change of course? :B

8 pages to review this? Well, at least it’s made in Japan (well, for $200 USD it better be).

Will TDB make a fw to crossflash regular plextors? :d

Is it a 3 sheep burner? How about the C1/C2 quality checks on the discs it burns? :+

Hmmm. maybe this can “make” the bad sectors on playstation disks? so no modchip is needed.

They could use a Samsung: - It destroys all media:B:S