CD Freaks presents PleXCombo PX-320A review

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We have wrapped up a new review for our visitors. This time we’ve taken a look at Plextor’s latest combo drive, the PX-320A (20/10/40-12A). This drive combines CD-writing as well as…

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Dont forget to include reviews of how it does at copying copy protections too. I have a feeling to a lot of people this will be as important if not more so than DAE.

Nila, if you had read the review before you commented you would have seen the full copy protection backup capabilities are also tested.

Although Nila didn’t state it, I think he is talking about AUDIO PROTECTIONS, such as Cactus Data Shield and key2audio. In that respect, he’s right. There is NO mention about the drive’s audio protection reading abilities. Can you clarify this, G@M3FR3@K ?

Hey, I’m just wonderin, do you guys get complimentary drives from the companies to do testing with cause if not it must cost you guys a fair packet to buy them to test with. And by the way, nice review. It was well laid out and very thorough (with the exception of audio copy protections). U guys should start like an A-List hardware guide on the site. It’s something a LOT of people often want when buying or building new systems and I dont know of any sites that offer it. TomsHardware has loads of reviews but I couldn’t find an a-list on it. An A-list where people could post comments etc next to each item would be HUGELY useful as it would have reviews plus user experiences.

Yes, we only work with companies that supply us with review units. Our reviewers however do spend a lot of money on media and buying games, and some companies want to have the drives returned. If someone wants to financially support us, offer media or whatever he can mail us at or use our paypal account: here

That is VERY true. It costs pretty much to review a drive. Media(especially I use much media per review), protected discs (finally been able to collect most data AND audio protections!). Thanks to those who already helped me/us out. And Shame on you if you haven’t donated or helped us in other ways :8

Addition of how the drive copes with audio-protections would be very nice indeed! Keep up the good work!

I wonder if there will be a patch available to make this drive region-free… If so, I wouldn’t mind paying its price…