CD Freaks presents 'Mount Rainier' article



I just posted the article CD Freaks presents ‘Mount Rainier’ article.

Most CD Freaks visitors will, by now, have heard of the new CD-RW format called ‘Mount Rainier’. Since we saw that this format still raises questions for a lot of people we’ve set-up an article…

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I think it’s even a world-wide exclusive :wink:


Does anyone know is DVD+RW drives are Mt-Rainer compatible ? They has all the needed features but I didn’t see any logo on my HP 100i drive .


Great article guys. Good to see someone actually writing original info on Mt. Rainier. I’m getting sick of the cut and pasted Mt. Rainier info other websites are use. Technically the DVD+RW format borrows a lot of stuff from Mt. Rainier (background formatting, defect management, block size). I have heard that some companies will be adding Mt. Rainier to their DVD+RW drives later this year. I have a feeling they have enough issues to work out with the DVD+R format (not to mention lawsuits) before they add any more features.