CD Freaks presents LG GSA-4163B DVD recorder review

I just posted the article CD Freaks presents LG GSA-4163B DVD recorder review.

Today we have added another review to our review database as our reviewer Jan S. has taken a look at the LG GSA-4163B Super Multi DVD recorder. The LG drive is one of the few drives…

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nice review jan

Way to go on the model number scheme LG, real easy to pick up on :r

What’s your problem? 02 = 2x 04 = 4x 08 = 8x 12 = 12x 16 = 16x 081 = 8x and 4x 082 = 8x and 8x 160 = 16x CAV 161 = 16x CAV minus DVD-RAM 163 = 16x P-CAV Ever bothered to find out?

I would like to see a feature for this type of discs: Type 1 DVD-RAM: 9.4 GB double-sided non-removable disc THen they could claim they have a super multi dvd recorder,if super multi stands for that. But i guess i want too much. By no means is this a negative point,it is just that i want all formats to be supported. But people dont use dvd-ram type 1 as much as i do,so i guess majority rules. I still have a panasonic.