CD Freaks Presents: DvdReMake Pro Review

CD Freaks Presents The DvdReMake Pro Review

We were very impressed by this application.
Please feel free to make comments in this thread.

You can read the review here

Dee, thanks for taking time to make a review about DvdReMake Pro. Well done.

I wonder why you used AnyDVD & Shrink for ripping, as AnyDVD alone would be enough. In case you want to have the files on harddisk first, Drag and Drop in Windows Explorer would have worked as well.

Your welcome, and thanks.

AnyDVD was not used exclusively to remove copy protection. Where DVD Shrink was used to rip the DVD, it was also used to remove the copy protection.

AnyDVD is a commercial program. DVD Shrink is freeware and as such, it was important to show that DVD Shrink was also capable of removing the CSS protection.

Ah, I understand! Thank you for the explanation.

I’ve been using this nice little tool for almost a year now.
It’s a winner!


Good write up. How would you compare vobblanker to DVD remake pro? Vobblanker can do about 80% that remake can do which is proably fine for must people?

From what I know about VobBlanker, you can’t compare it with Pro version of DvdReMake. With DvdReMake Pro you can really edit DVD disks. It does make sense to compare VobBlanker with DvdReMake. As both these programs are designed to remove things off DVD disk to make it smaller.

I’ve tried to put together a table comparing DvdReMake and VobBlanker side by side:

                                                       DRM | VB
1. hide any block                                      | X | X 
2. cut off any part of a block (start, end, middle)    | X | ?
3. convert menus to still                              | X | X 
4. delete Menus in languages you don't need            | X |  -
5. strip audio streams                                 | X | - 
6. strip sub streams                                   | X | -
7. strip angles                                        | X | -
8. handle multiangle/multi pgc disks                   | X | -
9. automatically change navigation of edited disk      |   |
    to jump over hidden parts (to avoid waiting)       | X | -
10. merge full DVDs preserving original menus          | X | -
11. enable prohibited user operations                  | X | -
12. hide menu transitions                              | X | -
13. delete menu buttons to removed material            | X | -
14. remove parental management                         | X | -
15. preview blocks with audio and subpictures          | X | -
16. easily find what blocks contain (automatically     |   | 
      analyze video to skip blank frames)              | X | -
17. correct problems found in source  DVD              | X | -

And last but not least - all these operations are very intuitive and easy to do in DvdReMake.

I might have missed some features, so feel free to post them and I’ll update the table.

As was said I definetely don’t know much about latest versions of VobBlanker. If anyone spots an error - let me know.

I like to test any software before I purchase it. Does anyone know what the limits are with the demo.


Demo has all functionality of the full version exept some restrictions for export.

This is a demo version of the DvdReMake program. Its functionality has been restricted compared to the full version as follows:

  1. Only first 15 seconds of each scene will be exported;
  2. Export of multiangle disks is not supported;
  3. “Export test DVD” is not available;
  4. “Export modified files only” is not available.

vob blanker definitely can’t compare to DRM in terms of overall functionality. for simple blanking, vob blanker is fine, but DRM has far more functionality.

I recently used DRMP to replace a menu’s background with my own and to remove its buttons. This software is very good and useful :clap: :clap: :clap:

2 thumbs up for its ability to change a menu’s background like this movie called “Reservoir Dogs” :slight_smile:


So this is where you’ve been hiding.:slight_smile:

Vovblanker has one small advantage, it’s free! But if you want to really edit out a DVD then Remake earns its keep and reigns supreme.