CD Freaks presents: BenQ 1640 DVD Writer Review



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  Reviewer Tor Magne has finished reviewing    the BenQ 1640, the successor  to the venerable BenQ 1620. The drive writes both +R/-R media at 16x, rewrites +RW  media at 8x and -RW at 6x, the...
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As always, a good thorough review. I wonder why cant anyone review an OEM Chinese made 1640, which seems to be the only one available outside Europe. Is it a matter of $50 versus Free or the manufacturer doesnt want reading problems be discovered( i am referring to several speed drops when reading dvds). Will greatly appreciate the answer. Cheers. FidelC


Way to go OC-Freak!


I got a china built Retail unit with no problems! :slight_smile: