CD Freaks presents: 123 Copy DVD review

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 Forum  Moderator Ssseth, has just completed a review of 123 Copy DVD, a new DVD backup  solution, that promises to be so easy anyone can do it! If you are new to  DVD burning you may have...
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After reading the artical I went ahead and bought myself a copy of 123. Still waiting for a dvd to finish but so far it’s looking good. CD Freaks rocks. Always good info

Waste of money… You can get lots of free goodies to burn DVD in an easy way. By the way, is this another way for the auther to profit by using this link as an affiliate? =C12903x006

I believe thats so Dan Bell can get his 10 cents per click. But I hold no grudges about Dan Bell getting 10 cents. Hell, he puts alot of work into this site and deserves at least a couple of bucks! :B

Guys I don’t get anything for your clicks! Really. I like to be able to say whatever I want to say and I don’t think I could do that if I were accepting money from a software writer or a manufacturer. In fact, all of us on the news team on this site do it as a hobby. That goes for Seán, Jan70, Quakester, Dennis, JSL, Conductor - all of us in case I forgot someone. If any money is generated thru ads and such, it goes into the CD Freaks site to keep it going. And what a money pit it is, but it’s all ours! Ask any moderator, reviewer or anyone @ cdfreaks, they are also volunteers. :stuck_out_tongue: Having said that, thanks to all of you, this site has become so popular, that it is all we can do to keep up with the bandwidth demand. :X If anyone here would like to contribute to the news by becoming a writer, we would sure like to ask that you contact us! Or even myself by clicking on my profile for the email addy. We always are looking for more points of view to make it more interesting for all that visit CD Freaks :slight_smile: Even though we are scattered all around the globe, the people that “work” here are very close and we have a lot of fun behind the scenes with each other on a daily basis, thanks to the Internet. It’s a real stress reliever.
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even if you would have earned money …i wouldn’t mind. Takes a lott of time to keep a webside up to date

Thanks both of you guys for your kind comments. By the way, did you know that the main enjoyment we news writers get, is to read everyones reactions to these news stories? The more the merrier! :B

I would just like to add a big THANKS to you guys as well for doing the fantastic job that you do. The first thing I do in the morning is shower, shave, make coffee and point my browser to CDFreaks. You guys are always up to date on the latest news PLUS, your stories are always interesting. Not like some of the “fluff” other sites post. It’s also too bad you aren’t getting your “10 cents” per click. You guys as well as this site definitely deserve this and much more.