CD Freaks present Plextor PX-W4824A review!

CD Freaks present you with its latest review of the Plextor PX-W4824A drive. It took us some time to finish but quality takes time :wink:

[i]A few weeks ago Plextor announced its latest recorder, the Plextor PX-W4824A. This drive is one of the fastest recorders available today and is the first Plextor drive to support the new ultra speed CD-ReWriting standard with which it’s possible to re-write at an amazing speed of 24X.

Of course this new Plextor drive has much more to offer than just increased re-write speeds. Some new and improved features include the fastest access time ever (< 65ms), Mount Rainier support and 48X CAV recording of data and audio. Some major changes compared to their previous model, the Plextor PX-W4012A since this drive had rather high access times, no Mount Rainier support, used the Z-CLV write method and was limited to writing audio at ‘just’ 24X.

In this review we will take a thorough look at this latest Plextor drive and see if it can live up to the ‘Plextor standards’. During this review we will also explain some of the decisions Plextor took with this new drive such as why the drive is by default limited to 40X reading instead of 48X it can reach. Read on to find out what we have to say about this new and improved (?) Plextor drive![/i]
You can read the complete review here.

Thanx G@M3FR3@K for this exellent review.

I’m currently trying to find an AWS algorithm which works on my cyberdrive 058D :Z

If I succeed (a very big IF), then it should also fix the 14B9-problem of that plextor drive :slight_smile:

I was a little down about it. Wonder why it will not work with sd2.51, but its not a big thing to me, I dont even have any cd’s with sd2.51 on them;) I just got the F1 for 140$ with 20$ rebate at Best Buy. Will play with it for 30 days to see if I like it. If not I can take it back to BB and try the Plex48 out if they have it.:cool:

Wonder why it will not work with sd2.51

Go to optical storage technical discussions forum and read the efm thread…

Nice review and nice drive, though I wish it was a bit faster in both reading and writing.

Originally posted by alexnoe
[B]Wonder why it will not work with sd2.51

Go to optical storage technical discussions forum and read the efm thread… [/B]

:confused: Guess after reading about it I need to go to the Newbie place and hang out again to find my way home…:stuck_out_tongue:

Great review as always.

The only thing I would like to see is you would test all known protections, i.e. all SD2.xx versions, StarForce, Tagès, MediaCloq, all K2A versions, all CDS versions, etc. I know I’m asking a lot but that would make all your reviews complete (at least that’s my opinion).

If I get my hands on a CD with a protection you guys don’t have tell me (and the other form visitors) and we could send it to you, so you can implement it in your next reviews.

What I mean is, tell us which protections you guys are missing and maybe someone who has that CD/protection is so kind to give/send it to you, so you can implement it in your reviews.

I think there are many people who like to see these protections added to the reviews and I also think there are a lot who would send those protections to you guys (maybe with a small note that they had a small tribute which made the review possible).


Excellent review, G@M3FR3@K.

Outstanding. :wink:

I tried to post this comment after the review, but the pop-up would not accept my password.


As to SafeDisc 2: An extra test for SD 2.80 would indeed make sense if SD 2.51 works (and only then!), as well as MediaCloq.
But if SD 2.80 works, then 2.51 also does.
=> First test SD 2.80, and if this fails, then test SD 2.51.

GF doesn’t have a Cactus CD, so if you want to send some CDs, include some different Cactus Versions :slight_smile:

Excellent idea Namoh!

For now I only have these protections to test with:

-LaserLock (Desperados)
-SafeDisc (several titles)
-SafeDisc 2 (several titles)
-SafeDisc 2.51.021 (GTA3, Serious Sam 2)
-SecuRom (several titles)
-SecuRom new (Neverwinter Nights)
-PlayStation (FF VIII)
-Star Force (protected demo discs)
-Key2audio 2 and 3 (Shakira, Celine Dion)

What I really want to add is cactus data shield (all versions) and the latest SafeDisc and SecuRom versions. If anyone has protected discs he would like to send to us we would be very, very grateful! Tages, MediaCloQ are also very welcome of course… Let me know.