CD Freaks present Plextor PX-504A (DVD+RW) review!

We have wrapped up our latest review of the Plextor PX-504A (DVD+RW) drive, Plextor’s first DVD-recorder:

[i]Plextor is a well known brand in the optical storage industry. They have been producing CD-ROM and CD-RW drives for a very long time and it’s no surprise that they have recently released their very first DVD-writer, the PX-504A. For their first DVD-writer Plextor has decided to go for the +RW (plus) format and not the -RW (minus) format (or a dual format writer).

Besides 4x DVD+R recording the Plextor PX-504A also supports 2.4x DVD+RW recording, 16x CD-R recording and 10x CD-RW re-writing speeds. Reading of DVD-ROM media is done at 12x maximum while normal CDs can be read at a maximum speed of 40x. In this review we’ll see what these speeds mean in real terms and if the PX-504A drive can life up to the standards we’ve come to expect from Plextor…[/i]
You can read the complete review of the Plextor PX-504A right here!

They are certainly going to fix that doc.loc issue, aren’t they…

Plextor should also introduce a DVD writer based on NEC ND-1300A.

PX-504A now costs just 20,000 Yen at Akihabara. Though I already have an NEC ND-1100A, I should have the first Plextor DVD writer which is based on ND-1100A now?