CD Freaks present Nero (Burning ROM) 6 preview!

I just posted the article CD Freaks present Nero (Burning ROM) 6 preview!.

As some of our visitors will know Ahead announced recently that their new Nero Burning ROM 6 software will be available on July 18th. Luckily you don’t have to wait that long to …

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Very nice review i still hope there cue/bin support is improved even with the latest version there is a risc to burn a coaster and whit the same cue/bin in cdrwin. Another point i hope they improved is with the audio cds the gap is 0 standard instead of the 3 in the 5.5 versions you need to do that by your self(well i am a lazy bastard). Anyway looks like nero going to bring us a fine product.

All I can really see is a higher price and more junk included.

Hey “mbg”…you might be able to get a serial from a “less reputable site”…therefore it’ll cost you nothing… :d I’m sure most of us will get a copy with the next CD-RWDVD±RW we buy anyway…making the above statement pretty irrelevant really… :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose so… it’d just be nice if they could give you Nero Burning Rom (if they still call it that…I don’t know why they would, it doesn’t make any sense) by itself. I might even pay the same price just for a simple package without all the Roxio stuff in there. I’m not opposed to paying for Nero, I’m opposed to having a large package which may or may not separate gracefully. Also, why call it Ultimate if it’s the Only option? That’s a bit like saying I am the ultimate me.

For all you serial kiddies, you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. If you’re going to download movie VCDs, MP3s, software, etc at least have the decentcy to buy the program you use to burn the software onto CD. I’m a proud legal owner of Nero and plan the buy the upgrade the day it comes out. (I’m still trying to be a better consumer and purchase all the musc & software I truly love and use.)
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one is enough
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[qoute] (I’m still trying to be a better consumer and purchase all the musc & software I truly love and use.) [/quote] Not me I wanna be a SMARTER consumer!! Hell I’ll just buy another Buslink 52246s or other rebadged Lite-on for $15.00 and get a legit copy for far less than the $69.00 for d-load or $99.00 for the retail box … plus I can off the cdrw on Flea-bay for like $40.00~$50.00 and turn a nifty little profit too ;):+

quit it
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one is enough
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I’m glad you told us…:wink:

I also hope this doesn’t get too bugy and bloated. And I would like to see the support for Ogg Vorbis and FLAC out of the box. They should support this instead of the totally crappy WMA.

FYI there are plugins for ogg available for Nero.

another vote for outta-the-box ogg & FLAC…