CD Freaks picture contest!

As the holidays are closing in, it’s quite probable that many pictures will be taken, scanners and digicams will be bought and spare time will be used on Photoshop and sorting old materials.

So I thought, why not have a CD Freaks picture contest?

During the whole month of December, every forum member can put 1 picture here. When the month is over (and 2k4 has begun), within one week, everybody can rate a picture to be his personal nr. 1 (you can’t rate your own pictures!).

The dimensions of the picture should not exceed 800x600 (to keep the layout of the forum and the loading times reasonable). The origin of the pictures doesn’t really matter, but please only submit pictures you made on your own. So… if you made a nice photo, edited an existing picture with photostop, scanned an old dia or captured a frame from your video camera that you think is worth showing, feel free to submit it to our contest.
Another thing that’d be nice, would be to tell us what the backgrounds of your picture are (e.g. where it was taken with what camera, what was edited etc)…

Pictures can be put online on Just make sure your pics don’t exceed the 150kb limit. Not only because PicServer wants you to, but also to keep this thread’s loading times within limits, especially because we still have some modemmers here ;)…

Well, let’s hope you like it :wink:

Well,I go first:

This picture was taken by me in Maasmechelen, Belgium. I took it with my Canon Powershot G3. No editing has been done, except for the resizing. The reason why I like it so much, is because of the old and the “new” mining tower. There’s a nice contrast between the two and that’s something I like… :wink:

Do we get extra credit for humoristic creativity?

Originally posted by Smart@$$
Do we get extra credit for humoristic creativity?

Whatever :wink:

taken the 14th of august 2003;
we were in the middle of nowhere, in an old hunting house without any electricity nor water nor gas (you know, like metane, propane… stuff you light on to cook your meals…).
we survived three days and two nights. :cool:
in bed @ 9 pm twice :bigsmile:
we had such a great time together we’re willing to do a “winter roccolo” (roccolo = that bird-hunting house), but i posted this pic because i’m not sure if i’ll be able to get the new ones bevore new year’s eve.

… guess who /me is :wink:

Nice pic chico:

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try now. this time it should work…

My guess is you are the guy in the middle, but let’s stay on topic!!

Picture is soon to come.

Originally posted by cmr2004x

My guess is you are the guy in the middle

wrong :bigsmile:

Far left?

far right…?

You’re behind the camera … taking the picture…

Originally posted by Namoh
You’re behind the camera … taking the picture…
nice one :bigsmile:
anyway, chriso got it right (if he meant looking at the picture, of course :wink: )