CD Freaks Overall Status: iceman taking the lead!

I just posted the article CD Freaks Overall Status: iceman taking the lead!.

Just a quick RC5 note because something happened in the overall CD Freaks top 5 stats. has taken the lead!!! I already saw it coming since he has some huge flushes the last days…

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Well, you can’t beat tweakers-dot-net

Perhaps because they have 50 times more members… That’s why we need you to join us! :4

Hi! What is this blocks stuff, what is meaning of this???

Well… Together with thousands of other internet users all over the world we are trying to crack a 64-bit key. CD Freaks is joining this competion with our own team. Everyone who joins us must run a small cow in the tray in your PC('s) which makes use of your IDLE cpu to crack a little part of the code (called blocks!)… The more users we have the higher we get!! That’s why we need YOU to join our Power Of United Burners Team. Help us out! Give us some minutes of your time and read our article here and join us! Thanx

Let me get your attention to another global effort thats seems to me a bit more important than cracking a pointless code… The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) Centre for Drug Discovery in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Oxford in colaboration with are running a joint processing effort to scan molecules for the goal of finding a cure for Cancer. I used to run the RC5 project until I noticed that the UD prog. runs alot faster when the RC5 is closed…so now its closed for good. You’re all seem too much enthusiastic about a pointless goal when theres a much more important goal to achieve…

You’re totally correct fLy. I used to run the RC5/DES project for the past 2 years, but stopped it because of this. Too bad it’s sponsored by Intel, but then again it are AMD’s that are producing the most keys :4

Guys… I think you’re correct!!! I am killing the cow… now…

I also killed the cow and installed the ud prog on four pc’s now. I hope this makes a difference.:wink: