CD Freaks news: Webhosting maintenance

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If I’m right the site has had some major downtime last night (or morning, afternoon, whereever you are located). Our webhosting company has announced a network upgrade, giving us direct access to…

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It’s slooooow

Yes, in a matter of fact it is showing up slower than usual. So thumps down for the new host.

There are also some troubles with the Apache/PHP configuration at the moment that is slowing down our server. Load is currently way to high, system admin is contacted. So please bear with us and sorry for the inconvinience :frowning:

No trouble what so ever,… speed is verry good actually. :slight_smile: @21:20 02-02-2002

speed very good… I’m on a leased 1Mb/s line… your website pops up very very quickly… :4 23:05 on 02 Feb 2002

It used to take about 1 minute on my 56K modem (in australia). Now it popped up in about 5 seconds!!! :slight_smile:

yes … speed is back to normal

Well. I am located in Arizona and have a cable conection. It seems like the site loads a shit load faster then before. It comes up almost as fast as

The speed is very good,but I’m living in Amsterdam and I have a cable conection :4 :+ :9