CD Freaks looks at Philips Color LightScribe media

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With LightScribe media of different colours becoming widely available by several manufacturers, we  at CDFreaks would like to present an article covering the Philips Color  LightScribe...
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Instead of “Philips Color LightScribe media” we should read “Philips Colored LightScribe media”, I’d say…

As I refuse to give more money to inkjet printers I use Lightscribe and this is nice news.

Made by Moser Baer… probably because CMC no longer has a license to make CD-Rs :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of those 'Turn your B&W TV into Color" ads in the back of Popular Science from years ago.

you are soooo right, regnim99!

According to LightScribe, the following companies will be among the initial media companies to manufacture LightScribe CD-R media with coloured backgrounds: CMC Magnetics Corporation, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, and Moser Baer India.