CD Freaks: LG GSA-H10A Super Multi DVD burner review

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  We  have for your reading pleasure a review of the Super-Multi writer for  DVD, the LG GSA-H10A, from staff member and Reviewer crossg. This company has been around a long time and ...
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The writing quality looks pretty good in the most cases, but still some room for improvement

looks linke the link is missing on this page!

It sure was! Thanks. :slight_smile:

It seems H10A@H10N is possible.

Unbelievableā€¦ this model should replace the 4166 but the read speeds are much slower! (10x vs 16x on Recorded media). This is weird. The rest looks the sameā€¦

The 10A replace the 4167, the 20L the 4166

Apart from this new model writing Dvd+r DL at 8x it is the same as the 4167. If you want to unlock read speeds then use that patch by ala42.