CD Freaks launches own range of products on consumer market

I just posted the article CD Freaks launches own range of products on consumer market.

 One of  the things that is currently pretty easy with the right contacts is to start  your own CD-RW drive distribution. Currently many brands are buying from  Taiwanese companies and...
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Sounds good I must say. Are there perhaps any SCSI devices in the pipeline? :d:X;):o

I want one. The discs won’t blow up at 52X will they?

I will definately consider purchasing the CD Freaks brand. The price is right too!

And the TLA for the CFR5240 will be: BU115H1T I suppose? :d

what brand the cd-rw drive will be ?? lite-on ?

So who makes these bad boys and are we going to be able to get them in the good ol’ USofA?

More news 2 come ?
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Ok, please tell me you guys can see the date: April 1st!!! You’ve been made april fools! :stuck_out_tongue: Motto: when it looks too good to be true, it usually is!

They should have made a modded CDRW in CDFreaks colors with logo to make it a tad more realistic :slight_smile:

lol that was funny :B

Hmm where did my reaction go?

the one i demo-ed is awesome. highly recommended.

You know what day it is?! YESSS, 1 APRIL!! :x:X LOL Nice one guys!! :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be really cool if you guys did launch your own line of cdrw’s. you guys could make it perfect. :B

Now, is this an April Fool Prank !!! :(:(:frowning: Also, I thought the max CD-RW speed of the Ultra speed media is 32x. where did u get this 40x from ? Also, are you rebadging a lite-on or something ???