CD Freaks Land

Besides that it’s round of course and the mods would be the supreme leaders, how would it look like?

It would lie in a tropical zone with summer all year long. It would be free of any (evil) international lobbyist organizations and its people would not suffer under the dark shroud of DRM. It would have several dedicated days devoted for many different things such as “clean Gil T’s harddrive day” for say every first tuesday in every three months (yes it would take the whole population a full day to properly clean out Gil’s harddrive).

Other notable days would be for instance the “give all modelatols presents”-day, which I propose would be due every sunday every two weeks.

a land with lots of naked gals and drinks
all year summer and nice beach.
no work allowed and no pcs

No PC’s? How are you planning to survive!? :wink:

do you want a picture? :bigsmile:

play with the lady’s xxxx :smiley:

there would have to be a place for Cerb to go …when hes been too bad with the girls…for punishment…

other than that…
needs to be plenty of shopping malls…
and a beach with a waterfall…
no cars

a beach, an endless flow of booze, some tree and several musicians from the Buena Vista Social Club.

oh yeah, and hottie girls who like to play… :iagree:

There would not be any religion…

We would have the thickest fibre ever seen…

this looks a little more comfortable:

drpino i must say i like the chairs better then the tree’s

i’ll take a hammock over trees OR chairs anyday:

hey at least this island is round AND has a beach:

And cannibals

I agree with everything above, except about the shopping malls. :stuck_out_tongue:
I already have a nice jar with pickles for the first “give all modelatols presents”-day. :iagree: