CD Freaks Joins UD in their fight against Cancer

I just posted the article CD Freaks Joins UD in their fight against Cancer.

  1. Why Join Power of United Burners Against Cancer UD Team ?

There is more than one reason to download the UD Agent and join our Member Community.

  1. Why we should make a…
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Well I decided to work on RC5 with one processor, and to work on UD with the other processor… Since I have a dual 500 :slight_smile: btw: UD doesn’t support dual proc.

I will still be working on the RC5 project :4

btw: this client is very easy to use and install… however I do like RC5 more, but that’s my personal opinion.

this project has a great goal but my cpu is already working for rc5. so maybe when rc5 is finished…

Well this project should take a year or so. RC5 will take about another 2 years maybe. But like we said in the news posting, we don’t want people to change projects. Happy RC5’ing i say :slight_smile:

So I did something good afterall. I want lots of ppl to join this, I already saw too many family/friends suffering from cancer, some even died. Well, it’s your own choice, by the time RC5 is cracked it will be obsolete and another encryption will be in use already.

Well TAFKAP, you are right, my mother died of cancer and the labs need all the help they can get to try and find a cure ! Thanks for joining the team

Let me tell u a story: All my families male-genders died 'cause cancer. It’s a genetic mark, i think. My destiny is marked in 'bout 30 years (no joke). Maybe i’m getting old, but this client (wich works on my PC contrary to the RC5 client) can be an assurance for my life :4 ! P.S. I’m not forcing any1 to join. Just smile to the life, i say :slight_smile:

Same sad story for me, Badtobone… I’m going to their homepage to check out how it works. In addition to my Intel workstations, I have a nice SGI Octane that can crunch SETI packets in less than 3h30 per CPU… hope there’s also an IRIX version of the client… at least it’s more useful than RC5 and Seti…

I just want to say that I now run both clients on my 6 PC´s… It´s so easy to set up the clients and why not run both clients on one machine ? Think about it ! T_FF

Guys… You can’t imagine how happy I was when I saw this post. Last week, when I knew of the UD project on CD Freaks, I went right away to download it and is running right now in 6 pcs. I left the ones in my office running the RC5 project. Too many people is suffering or is going to suffer this disease and if we can help, we should. I am 43 now. Older than most of you, I think. Have been a long time reader of this page and really enjoyed it… By the numbers I had seen on the RC5 project, many of us are running it in more than one pc. Don’t you think you should leave at least one pc running the UD project and show the rest of the world that… WE CARE… Let’s do it… We can be helping and I know we are, a lot of people and maybe, ourself… I am joining the team right now… under lmgc10. Take care people… Luis PD: How hard is to try to say this many things when english is not my main laguage…

That’s right T_FF, also with the UD client you can easily make more devices per member name. For example you can run 20 pc’s under the same member name by just adding an extra device. I would just like to add that it usually takes about a day for you to generate enough points so that they are added to the stats. This of course is very dependant on your CPU speed :d

There are cures to Cancer, if you believe in alternative medicine though and other ways of curing it then there are ways. Western medicine cant deal with it but other types of medicine can.

I’ll be using UD instead of RC5. Why? Well RC5 is fun, but this program helps doing something really good… this is more serious so I’ll be helping them a hand!

Well, Nila, I bet you’ve never seen cancer closeby. An aunt of mine got colon cancer because of Chinese Herbs that were supposed to heal here from another disease. I’m not saying that chemo is any better, but this project is just to find a drug that only attacks the cancer, not the healthy cells in the body.

I’ve seen cancer close by. One of my good friends mum died of brain cancer a few years back and just recently a friend of mine got sevre cancer of the stomach. He had two large growths. It was meant to be in it’s later stages and uncureable. He went to an alternative healer and now one has totally vanished and the other is now tiny and almost gone(according to western doctors who told him it was uncurable)

ok guys, youve convinced me Im also gonna run this client… but I`ll keep my cow counting anyway :slight_smile:

Why CDFreaks has UD now? I submitted this like months ago by MP3 Then it was removed shortly after. Well, I think by doing UD is better than RC5 because you will be helping people who have cancer and shall be able to save them. So why not doing this? And if you want prizes, UD has even more prizes for US residents only. I put all of my 5 systems into the efforts of UD. Good Luck!

I’ll join, WHEN their client gets stabler did run it for 3 days, kept on crashing and loosing work on me that I stopped, as much as I want to help, when the client doesn’t work properly I won’t waste the time knowing that it’ll crash somewhere at 80% or so and loose everything…