CD Freaks is back...and some more stuff

I just posted the article CD Freaks is back…and some more stuff.

As you can see we are back online (something you probably also read in our mailing…;-). Anyway we are trying to keep this account up and running till we can move back to our main domain…

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fuck the bastards wha are against cd-piracy

YEaaaahhhhh!!! CDFREAKS is back!!!

Whoa! Glad to finally be back here!

ik ben ontroerd… snik snik

CDfreaks 4ever.

welcome back !!!

Thank God You Guys are Back


Mjah, da;s knap amateuristisch van die gasten om je te kicken zonder notice… Maarja… het staat in de algemene voorwaarden gok ik zo… Dus voortaan eerst effe goed doorlezen voordat je iets tekent… Greetz VAGEGAST…

Greetz 2 DoMi

You guys REALLY scared me! Don’t do it again!!!
Post your probs somewhere IMMEDIATELY, or someone of your visitor could have an heartache!!! :slight_smile:

Thanx guys - great job :wink:

and now the dutch site back

I’m glad your back. I was wondering where the hell you guys had gone. Luckily CDRSoft posted a notice saying you guys were up again.
Now I can stay updated on all the warez again

I am happy you are back !!!

Welcome back guys !!

Hi guys,
welcome back,back,back,back.

btw are these sites useless now?

en de forum dutch general chat waneer doet die het weer ???

OMG, i was just about to shoot myself! Thank GOD you guys are back!


won’t burn playo dvd 16x at that speed or at 8x