CD Freaks Interviews Digital Storage Reps – time for Nero!

Have you ever wondered what your favorite company is up to? Would you like to know more about their decisions, (new) products and background information? :iagree: Now you can! CD Freaks is organizing a series of interviews with digital storage related persons. The coming time we will ask them what you want to know!

Here some examples of types of questions you could ask:

[I]Current products
New products
Company information
Market details / outlook
Future opportunities
Personal questions for the person[/I]

What’s next?
This week we will ask questions to Patrick Peeters, General Manager EMEA from <a href=“”>Nero AG</a>.

Please post your questions below in this thread. Next week, all questions will be collected. We pick the best ones and report the answers back on CD!

Mind you, this is not an engineer, if you have very technical questions you’re better of posting them in a thread here.

With Nero, which group is your target? is the advanced user or the family and beginners?

Alot of users switch to different software because Nero has gotten too “bloated”, is this a problem for Nero? Any solutions for this?

Why was Nero 8 released when Nero 7 still had some issues?

Why do you limit the label of a Video-DVD to 15 characters? Many other programs allow up to 32 characters and even lots of commercial DVDs use more than 15.

Now that Canadian dollar is above par with the US, is there a reason for the promo price being higher? We stopped using sleigh for mail delivery a long time ago…

The cutting/editing in Nero Vision sorely needs re-working.

The usual 180mb download dismay.

Why is Nero so full of bugs? Why have you bloated a perfectly good software since Nero 6? Why can’t you make each component downloadable separately?

Why can’t Nero make a easy to read tutorial? Nero makes it so complicated, I can’t even understand it. Also why can’t i back-up a purchased dvd to use in my cottage? I have Nero 7 ultra

  1. Why are you forcing nero indexing, nero scout to be installed, when people don’t want it?

  2. Why Nero DiscSpeed keeps causing “SidebySide” errors in event viewer under Vista?

  3. Why won’t NERO8 automatically install Lightscrible? NERO7 did

  4. Importing Video from Canon DVD camcorder causes 16:9 video to switch to 4:3. Why won’t nero vision allow to change aspect ratio?

Are you concerned that many advanced users have not ‘upgraded’ from Nero 6?

[QUOTE=stazzi;1942411]Also why can’t i back-up a purchased dvd to use in my cottage? I have Nero 7 ultra
stazzi[/QUOTE]You need something else to break copy protection and then Nero will work i believe.

  1. There are still no Release Notes for Nero8 and we are already on

  2. Why does Nero not issue details of the changes made from version to version. With the large file size having to be downloaded each time, I would like to know if the problems I am having have been fixed.
    Nero should look at DVDFab as an example. We know exactly what is being added, modified, fixed and new features with each release - even Betas. I only update DVDFab when my concerns are fixed.

  3. Why is support so slow? With most of my software I can get an answer within 24 hours. Nero takes a week if you are lucky.

With the release of Nero 8, the program now uses a different storage folder location for audio plugins that was used previously.
This was totally undocumented (your help files are excreble at best), as is the case many of the new/changed features (notice I did not say functionality - there is little or no improvement there).

Enough of the observations, now on to my 2 questions:

Question 1 - Where are the audio plugins supposed to reside?

Question 2 - Does Nero 8 have the ability to transcode video files from PAL to NTSC and vice-versa? If so, what element of the product suite offers that feature?:confused:

For the life of me I cannot figure out or find anything in the manual or help files on how to add an image to a menu page???

Thanks everyone, we’ve send a selection of your questions to Nero.