CD Freaks in 2001

I just posted the article CD Freaks in 2001….

The start of a new year is always the moment to give the past year some thoughts but more important to look ahead…and ofcourse set some goals that you want to achieve this new year (less bothering…

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Forum back up - sounds great. How about Hexagon. Any plans for that?

Keep up the good work.

YEAH!!! Get the forum back! Will love that allright!

Good luck CDfreaks-Crew!

Never believed in new year’s resolutions…

But the prospect of the forum being back online makes my heart beat faster and yet cautious at the same time, it has been promised too many times.

But this is no time for pessimism, let’s keep up the good spirit and support CD Freaks any way we can, I sure will!

Let’s keep up the good work and keep supporting this site by submitting the latest news to CD Freaks!

FORUM BACK YEAH cant get fast enough for me

Happy New Year from me to all the cdfreaks.

Greetz, Rolo.

-= Plans are great, but planning is everything =-

Hopefully we’ll see some enhancements in the new year.

Thanks for a great 2000

Best Regards
Zyron (former Electro Dude)

I hope that the new years wishes comes out. Because CDFreaks without forum, is a cd-r without a cd-writer.

Hey ho! Hey Ho! Dat forum dat is zoooo!!!

Sorry guys this doesn’t come out the way like it should in English so I did it in Dutch… still a little bit of alcholol in my blood I guess

I’d really like the forum to return and reveal it’s presence to us!

bless cdfreaks

God praise you

(hi hi! insane happy clappy christian alert!)

hey, alright but the new layout has something to live up to - the old one! i cant think how it could be improved!

Can someone please tell me what programs I need to copy dc games and how.

Im not in jail!

I burn, so therefore I am