CD Freaks: ICQ Activelist

I just posted the article CD Freaks: ICQ Activelist.

Do you know what ICQ is? If you don’t know take a look at

There is also a nice feature in icq, which is called Active List. You can send a message to all members of that list,…

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CDFREAKS AL RULEZ !!! … KRANO (AL HOSTER) RULEZ 2 … best place for all info :stuck_out_tongue:

When i will ad this number i recieve a message no user was found. :c

PSVfreak: You must add the nr in the “ICQ activelist section”!! This can B found under ICQ/activelist!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Zal me ook weer ff aanmelden THa CREATOR of the CDFREAKS active list :wink: