CD Freaks @ HCC , first impression

First impression :

Domi is a very little fella :slight_smile:

The cdfreaks stand is kinda small as well , but they have made some very very cool flyers. I hope we can scan in one and show it sometime.

The shop seems to run pretty ok , all specialiced CDr’s , Hi Space media for instance…

But i sure hope they can get some more posters , flyers and other material , because they’re quite close to the shop and those guys have a very big stand.

Maybe I should think about coming after all. I wanna see the Official CD Freaks Midget :smiley:

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Cool! :cool:

I don’t see you waving at us :slight_smile:

Is that our stand?

Originally posted by FlyingDutchman
Is that our stand?

We wish…

Have not yet seen it, but I think it is not even half that size…it is quite expensive

So why is camera shooting the shots of another stand?

The camera has moved around during the day…

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
[B]First impression :

Domi is a very little fella :slight_smile:

Wait till you see me… I’m smaller (I guess) :slight_smile:

Since MeqTrader is planning to put MY picture online … i think it’s fair to to the same to him.

So without further ado :

MeqTrader :

OK, this is Mr Belvedere:

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Translated your post into English :wink:

edited: Sorry :wink:

I have know Mr B’s image in my Desktop Theme! I’m so happy! :slight_smile:

LOL @ RedHatted
already knew mr B :slight_smile:

Nice to see the various people over there.

MP|3 and Domin8tor made some pretty cool flyers, which we handed out to all visitors.

It suprised me to hear a lot of people knowing this site. What surprised me even more was that the people who had heard of us or were interested after our promo talk were all very different and of all ages…

Too bad not more people showed up today…

Originally posted by RedHatted
I have know Mr B’s image in my Desktop Theme! I’m so happy! :slight_smile:

I thought that you allready had it!!!:bigsmile:

This is the webcam of HCC net @ HCC days :