CD Freaks goes idle - holiday season



I just posted the article CD Freaks goes idle - holiday season.

A small message to al our visitors. Both DoMiN8ToR and myself are on holiday the next week. Also some other CD Freaks newsposters and admins are gone this week. This means there could be a lack in…

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there can i order a t-shirt.? should i send a email to cdfraks or somethink.?


mail me at With your address & email & number of shirts wanted & size (L, XL, XXL). Costs: 30 dutch guilders for 1 shirt. Shipping is 5,- dutch guilders to NL/BE and 10,- dutch guilders to the rest of the world! So 1 thirt to the USA for example costs 30 + 10 = 40 dutch guilders (around 16US$). You can pay by bank or regular mail. Remember: I will not mail you back within the next 10 days so…


Well guys (and galls?) Have a nice holiday. greetz ~(v)~


Happy holliday`s guys i will guard the fortress here. Have fun and dont do things i wouldnt do :blush:


Have a great holiday!


Guys… just relax :7


I will keep an eye asap as I just bought a new laptop and it can be used also on the beach. :4 At least I’ll post some news now & then… :wink: Have fun guys! :7