CD Freaks gives LG GGW-H20L the Editors Choice award

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CD Freaks is proud to present a review of the LG GGW-H20L Super Multi Blu-ray Disc Rewriter & HD DVD-ROM, which LG was kind enough to send us for review. This drive features up to 6x…

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Please note that the reactions from the complete site will be synched below. $300 clams? Wake me up when it’s under $100. :r

$300 is pretty good considering I paid that for JUST a BD-rom a year ago. I paid $300 for my first DVD burner in '01 so this is right in line.

I paid about $500 for my first CD burner back in 1998. In contrast, I paid only $150 for my first hooker back in 1987. That last bit has nothing to do with technology, I just really like telling that story. I didn’t mind paying that much for a CD burner because I knew I’d make back the money. For instance, when Win98SE Upgrade came out I was at the store (Future Shop) at midnight to be the first to get a copy. The next day I went into work with 6 or 7 copies and sold them for $20 each. I sold alot of software to my co-workers. Do I feel bad for Microsoft? No, not really. Bill Gates doesn’t cry for me, so I don’t cry for Bill Gates. What’s the moral of the story? I shouldn’t really be spending my money on hookers.
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Does anyone else see this on the main page? “Reader comment by dama Also, I have been unable to get through to anyone at microshaft who is willing to help me with this issue. After dropping over 1000$ on a gaming system and all the stuff that should be incl to play it you…” You’re quoting comments from April of 2007? That’s just sad, and one more bit of proof that this site has finally gone the way of the Dodo. R.I.P. !!! :r
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The comment is from today, the story from back then, people find this article through search engines and then decide to comment. Would be something to consider to not show them if the original article is that old!

Not a bad price… I dove into CD burners when they were around 400 bones… I think my first DVD burner was about 200. I suppose i’d buy a bluray burner for same price.

Quote DukeNukem "What’s the moral of the story? I shouldn’t really be spending my money on hookers. " No I think it’s money better spent than buying this BD crap. :X

Sweet price for that amount of quality and performance…this is going in the right direction. :slight_smile: Too bad that the media price is still way too high… :frowning: