CD Freaks forums will periodically be down for upgrades

I just posted the article CD Freaks forums will periodically be down for upgrades.

    Now that the main page has been upgraded we must take down the forums for  some scheduled maintenance as well. We hope that this downtime will be minimal and thank you  for your...
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That explains the messages I was getting all day: sorry the server is too busy, etc, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

feels like being barred out from home… :wink: hope it’l be “fixed” soon :X

*NoSmartz thinx of the band…Men at Work" :smiley:

heehee we do need background music for this one! So I posted the Beethoven download. Maybe it will calm some nerves whilst we wait. :+

Actually we won’t be performing the big upgrade today, the upgrade of yesterday seems to have caused some complication. The current down time was caused by the forum server which went down for an unknown reason. Tomorrow we will do upgrading on our other servers so hopefully the problems will be solved.
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this explains why the forum is up again but still saying “The server is too busy at the moment. Please try again later.” all the time :wink:


At this time the forums are down again. :frowning: