CD Freaks Forum... have you eXPerienced it yet?

I just posted the article CD Freaks Forum… have you eXPerienced it yet?.

The CD Freaks Forum is a huge online community. At this moment I see 9,560 registered members. Have you already tried our forum? It handles several topics, both CDR related as other (internet)…

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Nope, I have not eXperienced it yet! :smiley:

Yes, and I’ve had great help from it. Thanks CD Freaks! :slight_smile:

Afcourse i didt the forum is 1 of the second things after the news that i visit :4

Neither have I eXPerienced it. Every site has a dozen forums these days. We should be paid for visiting forums :d

Ive never considered myself more knowledgable than others and there will always be things that I dont know… The forum here certainly does help you expand your knowledge of things and help others expand theirs… You couple that with the huge amount of visitors that come to this site and there is nothing that someone out there can not answer for you… Many thanks go out to the Admins and Users who have helped me with my questions, whether they were difficult or easy they came through with answers… :wink: