CD Freaks for Sale

I just posted the article CD Freaks for Sale.


Due to heavy BSA preasure we will be forced to shut down the CD Freaks site in the immediate future. So before this will happen we are going to put down the site ourselves and…

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Nice April joke! I really believe you! :wink:
Would you really thing that anyone would believe that the E-Mail is true? Not me. Common guys. Nice joke or not?

I wonder why u need to shut down your site, all u do is to supply some news about the cd zone…

Just hope that it is a joke!!! But if it really was the BSA why wouldn’t they put their rezl e-mail

what you do is completly legal, so they can’t do anything with you or this site

April Fool !!! Whahahahahaa!!!

Duh its an april fool…

what those guys are givin here is only information, and thats not illegal, is it?

Espially domin8tor is the one with the great sense of humor

Another one … if the bsa was so ‘fackin’ serious, why didn’t you have to take down the site right away?

so… you will see its a april fool(i think you guys fooled alot of peoples )

Oh yeah, when i pressen on this topic(Cdfreaks for sale), i thought it was something that you van buy a part of a company things… argh dunnow how to name that…(aandelen in dutch)

If you do, then we must hope that it isn’t going to end up just like those shitty people at worldonline

Cya! wannabe

ahhh, good april fools joke!

HAHA, nice JOKE!!

What you are doing is NOT illegal! (you only give some info!)

(webmaster [V.i.P]:

lol :smiley:

32 march

Great joke, but here’s a tip for the next time:
You had to place this news 1 week ago and tell us that this site was going to be closed next week.

O O what you mean selling.i get it ,verry clever you wanna take over the bsa.why don’t you open a fish store it’s the time of the year.
splash splash

Cool joke guys! is also for sale


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! nice april 1 fool :slight_smile:

Ok, let me bid… i bid 1dollar for it.

I was fooled…

Yes, it was a joke, that not everyone believed it, just proofes how smart our visitors are

Damnit guys DONT do that S&^* to me!!! Friggin Heart attack!

Haha, Snoopy was right. You should’ve done it a week before April 1st and then close the site for an hour or 2. That would’ve been da shit!