CD Freaks flag placed at summit of Mount Elbert



Every year we join some friends and climb a 14,000 foot peak or “14’er” in Colorado. There are 54 in our state. This year for our 4th climb we decided to hike up Mount Elbert which is the highest mountain in Colorado and the second highest in the continental United States 14,443 feet or for those that use the metric system ~4400 meters. To prepare, we did about 100 miles of high altitude hikes this spring and summer in Rocky Mountain National Park. Also a lot of bike riding, about 200 miles for me. The hike for Mount Elbert was a round trip of 11.6 miles starting at 9500 feet and therefore we had a bout a 4780 foot elevation gain. In other words, it was damn steep and old Crabby was surprised he made it to the top. However, by the time I was done training, I had lost a lot of weight, about 35 pounds so this helps!

We started at 5 am in the morning and we were down the mountain and in the parking lot (after getting caught in a freak winter storm that hailed little snow pellets on us with 50 mile an hour winds) by 2:15pm that afternoon.

Anyways, since this was the highest mountain we will ever climb, I went ahead and made a little flag which I attached to my wifes hiking pole and placed that puppy at the summit for all us CD Freaks!


Wow i really am impressed…thats awesome …


Congrats Crabbyappleton good to see you made it safely.


Perty kewls man :clap:


Go Crabby Go.

We will have to rename you CrabbyMountainton. :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats! It is really a nice gesture.


maybe you can pass the flag around so it will travel around the world.


Pretty nifty what an old man can do with Photoshop :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice! :iagree:


Who is that murdered man to the right?


Did you spot your house from up there?


Absolutely awesome. :clap: :clap: :clap:


Well done mate!




Really? That’s pretty awesome.


Send me a flag so after the next hurricane I can plant it next to Jim Cantore!


Thanks everybody! It’s no big deal, a lot of people do it. But it sure is fun and gives a sense of accomplishment. Now if only I can talk Wesociety to climb with me next year to the top of Mount Sneffels. He’s in great shape, as he’s a skateboarder and it would be easy for him. :iagree: It’s not that far away from him as this will be in Southern Colorado in the San Juan Range. :flower: Maybe we should make a poll and see if we can convince him to go. This is the most beautiful mountain in Colorado and has been feaured in many westerns such as True Grit with John Wayne and also on a lot of calenders. It’s the 28th highest in Colorado at about 14,150 feet. Wes can do it if we can get him to go.


Nice job Crabby! That looks like a pretty steep climb. I climbed another of Colorados 14xxx peaks, many years ago. Mount Antero. I believe it is one of the Collegiate peaks near Pikes Peak. I would be interested in joining some other Cdfreaks on a climb although I’d have to get into climbing shape. Don’t think that It is too hard of a climb from what I read.


Dude, you live in New Mexico! This is where Wes is only Phoenix. I’m all for it. We have a entire year, lets see what we can pull together. Wes and I Will meet in Las Vegas this January for the CES and I am gonna be twisting his arm hard. (he suspects this and is freaking out I am sure) BTW Sean Byrne of Ireland our ace News Editor, Moderator and Reviewer for CD Freaks is coming to the US this Saturday to visit me for 2 weeks and I am dragging him up Pikes Peak for a view from the top of a 14’er on a Swiss Cog train. Maybe we will post some pics here of the adventure this coming Monday Sept 12. The poor guy lives at sea level so the air is a bit thin for him, but he is a CD Freak and an Irishhman and he can take it!


Wes is in Arizona Crabby…:wink: